Author: Elysha Kaiffie

The Perfume Designed Just For You!

We all have that one fragrance in our collection that is our go-to depending on the situation. Now, what if I told you, there was a perfume that adapted to your specific skin chemistry to create your perfect scent. Well, look no further than Glossier’s You perfume.

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Silk Scarves: The Designer Item Everyone Needs!

Whether you love buying designer handbags, accessories, makeup, clothes, or home decor, this “hack” is for you. Now, what if I told you that buying a simple silk scarf could satisfy all your designer needs? Yes, you read that right! A designer silk scarf is not only one of the cheapest luxury items you can buy, but also one of the most versatile!

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Is Magic Shaving Powder Actually Magic?

Everything you ever wanted to know about SoftSheen-Carson’s Magic Shaving Powder that is taking social media by storm! Yes, it is worth the hype and yes, you need it! Better than Nair in everyway and at a fraction of the price, this powder will have you hair-free summer ready in less than 10 minutes!

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