Author: Lou Donato

Word of the Week: Beta Glucan – What It Is and Why You Should Care

Even before the pandemic, Americans had become increasingly interested in natural immunity. Aside from its many other health benefits, beta glucan is proven to stimulate the immune system. If it’s not already part of your natural wellness protocol, consider supplementing with this disease-fighting powerhouse. Here are some facts about beta glucan.

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Top 3 Health Articles of the Week: July 26

Each week, our talented writers produce informative and thought-provoking content for our readers. Below, I’d like to highlight our Top 3 articles from last week. The articles listed below contain many helpful recommendations for healthy living in these strange and uncertain times. These include tips on stress relief, exercise, and natural wellness. Read on for what you may have missed.

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The 3 Best-Tasting Healthy Ice Cream Brands

Happy National Ice Cream Day! I’m here to report that ice cream need no longer be limited to the occasional cheat. In fact, you can have ice cream every single day of the year and still look and feel good. Just make sure you choose one of these healthy ice cream brands.

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