Kiehl’s calendula cleanser is a great product to add to any routine. Combine that with the toner and whatever other products you have and you have a solid routine for your skincare.

Kiehls Calendula foaming face wash is excellent for normal to oily skin.
Kiehl’s Calendula Foaming face wash is excellent for normal to oily skin.
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For those of you out there like me with normal to oily skin, the foaming Kiehl’s Calendula face wash is a lifesaver. I use this morning and night along with The Ordinary skin products, and it saves my skin from many problems. Use this with Kiehl’s Calendula toner, and it’s a duo that’s a double whammy for success.

The calendula has soothing properties for your skin that help with redness and also, I’ve found, help with the oil production on my face when combined with the rest of my routine. I still have some oiliness – but that’s at the end of the day and not an hour in after all the work I’ve put into putting on a fresh face. When you have normal to oily skin, you know the struggle I’m talking about.

Kiehls Calendula cleanser is best for normal to oily skin types.
Kiehls Calendula cleanser is best for normal to oily skin types.
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I’m absolutely obsessed with this calendula cleanser, so much so that even if I have product still that when it goes on sale, I buy some anyway and just stock up. It doesn’t take much to use for a good facial cleanse, just a small bit of this calendula cleanser will go a long way so the bottle lasts forever. The mid-size bottle pumps out just enough whereas with the larger bottles you need to do more of a half pump as I feel that a full pump is a bit too much product.

Combine the calendula face wash, the toner, and any other products that you might have and you probably find that you have a solid well-rounded routine. Combine that with using the calendula products in moderation and it will last forever, being budget-friendly.

For the next few days 5/16-5/18, Kiehl’s is having a special going on if you use the code REPLENISH where you get 4 deluxe samples plus a bag on $85 or more. Deluxe samples are a splendid way to try out their products to see if there’s anything else that you might like in their line from body care, skincare to hair care. I recommend this as a way to get Kiehl’s samples and their calendula cleanser to try it out.

Do you use Kiehl’s in your daily routine? How about the calendula specifically? Let me know and drop a comment below!