During this quarantine, with salons closed down, we’re letting our nails go, or we’re learning ways to pamper ourselves. I’m here to show you how to do that.

Doing your own nails not only gives you some you time, but pampers you as well.
Doing your own nails not only gives you some you time, but pampers you as well.
Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

During this quarantine, I’ve learned to do my own gel nails. I used to go to the salon every two weeks and dutifully get my nails done so I could look nice and polished, not only for myself to look pretty but because I felt it also helped me look professional. Once the salons were closed down, I saw this as either an opportunity to go bare or learn how to save money and do it myself.

Doing your own gel nails is easy once you buy the tools necessary to do it. And with practice and patience painting, your own nails gets easy with time. It took me a few times to not flood my cuticles with polish and get a good clean look out of doing it myself, but I eventually got the hang of it and started got a look I was satisfied with.

With practice and time you'll learn to paint your nails like a pro.
With practice and time you’ll learn to paint your nails like a pro.
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Tools that you’ll need will be a UV Lamp – here’s one you can easily purchase from Amazon. This will help cure the polish after each coat. I usually hold my hand in the lamp for a good 45-60 seconds for each coat before painting again. Apply a gel base coat (I use this one) once or twice depending on your preference, the gel color two to three times, again depending on preference, and a gel top coat one to two times, curing after each coat.

Depending on the brand of gel polish that you use (I buy mine from here), you may need to wipe your nails after finishing up as it can have a tacky coating on the surface.

To remove gel-based polish you can use either a specific gel remover like this Mini Moo or if you have more patience, you can use these finger clips on your nails with cotton balls and pure acetone (I recommend getting a gallon for @$13 at Sally Beauty Supply) to soak it off. This is a little time consuming, but no more time consuming than it takes at the salon when they’re your nails for you.

When removing the polish just buff the topcoat to let the acetone or gel remover work at the polish. It should bubble and come off your nails over time which you can either scrape off or if you’re using cotton balls, it may just slough off with a bit of rubbing.

Doing your own nails can be a form of self pampering.
Doing your own nails can be self-pampering and save you money.
Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

If you’re like me and have oily nails, where your polish either peels or pops off after a few days, I recommend that you buff lightly, and use acetone to dry out the nails before beginning to polish them. This will prep the nails to hold the polish better.

With these tips that should set you up for having a beautiful set of nails to go about your day with and give you some you time to pamper yourself!