Your self-care practices are probably on the back burner right now. Don’t worry we’ve got some splendid ideas to get you back on track. Look below at our top 2 best self-care practices that you can start today.

Self Care practices to learn now
Self-Care Practices.
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As most of us are now at home because of COVID-19, our schedules and routines are not what they once were. Which could leave some of us being a little lazy with our daily self-care routine. We all feel better if we take the time to take care of ourselves. Gradually adding back some routine we used to have into our day. See below our top 2 best self-care practices we love.

Meditation for Self-Care

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Meditation is one of the best self-care practices. Adding meditation to your daily self-care practice is one of the best ways to ward off negativity and depression. Once you train yourself to be still, and peaceful within your own thoughts, you learn to observe them with no judgment. This will help you understand yourself and the way you think better.

This is not an easy practice to do. But there are some outstanding books and audiobooks out there that can help you. Check out Amazon to see what you can find.

Skincare for Self-Care

Step 2 to ease back into a beauty routine best self care practices
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The first thing we should do to add a great skincare routine into our daily practice is to use a cleanser recommended for your skin type. If you are not sure what kind of skin type you have, click the link and take the quiz. After cleansing use a toner, then an antioxidant serum, an eye cream, moisturizer, and finally a sunscreen. The latter two I have made some recommendations in another blog. Check out the link here.

As you can see from our list above, the two best self-care practices and how we can add some kind of normality back into our daily lives with meditation and skincare are important. One thing’s for sure we will get back to whatever our normal was, eventually. But until we do, let’s cheer each other on and help each other get through these times.

Leave me a comment about your best self-care practices. See you all soon.