No matter what you ride, whether you’re a road biker, adventure biker, or dirt biker, women bikers need these beauty tips.

Women riders want beauty tips.
Women riders that wear helmets want beauty tips.
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#1 Road trip bikers

Do you have an upcoming road trip? The one where you can’t fit your beauty products into the saddlebags? Get a beauty box subscription. You can subscribe to Birch Box or Ipsy, to name a couple. When I sort my products, I have a small pouch for shampoo, conditioner, scents, and makeup samples. These go with me on the Harley instead of fussing with oversize products. If you book an overnight stay, pack along skincare samples for a hotel spa night. Often, you need it after a day of riding.

#2 Adventure bikers

I ride a KLR adventure bike as well. My most frustrating issues with riding as a woman are two things, my helmet hair and my (helmet) makeup. This is an issue for road bikers, dirt bikers, and riders. My long hair has been tugged, knotted, snarled, and pulled out from helmets. My helmet has no room for my hair, but the wind whips my hair all over. Here is the best solution I’ve found for long hair. Pull all your hair around and over one shoulder. Twist it and add a hair tie so your hair is bound but loose, and your ponytail is short. After riding, either smooth your hair or remove the hair tie. Read on to dirt bikers for makeup tips.

#3 Dirt bikers

Women who ride want beauty tips.
Women who ride want beauty tips.
Photo compliments of Pxhere

Want to wear makeup under your helmet? Clean makeup can hinder the production of oil and bacteria on your skin while wearing a helmet. But makeup transfers to the helmet padding. Your helmet ends up wearing the makeup intended for you! Here is how to prevent the transfer and clean your helmet pads. When you are going to ride, wear a primer below non-transferrable foundation. Also, wear a spritz primer over all of your makeup. This ensures that more makeup stays on you and less on your helmet. Wear a helmet with removable and washable pads. Remove the pads after helmet use, and wash as directed. If your helmet doesn’t have removable pads, use a foam-based cleaner to lift the soil from your helmet pads.

No matter what kind of bike you ride, wear a helmet. The helmet protects your safety and your beauty! However, using helmets comes with challenges. Try these biker beauty tips for your next ride, and ride on, beautiful!