Maintaining colored hair takes effort, especially for us blondes! Can’t get to the salon during quarantine? These 3 colored conditioners can help.

Red head, brunette, or blonde, what's your preference?
Red head, brunette, or blonde, what’s your preference?
Photo by PeakPX

Many of us are familiar with purple and blue toning shampoos, but colored conditioners are useful for any hair type and color. When I want a change in color but nothing permanent, using a colored conditioner has helped me achieve it without damaging my hair. These are the best colored conditioners on the market


Keracolor Color + Clenditioner Hot Pink
Keracolor Color + Clenditioner Hot Pink

Keracolor promises to protect your hair with its keratin-infused formulas. The company’s tag line is, “Kind color is beautiful color,” highlighting the absence of damaging additives. The Keracolor line consists of colored styler creams, toning drops, colored dry shampoo and, of course, colored conditioners.

Their 18-color shade range is divided into vivid, natural, and pastel. Each of the colored conditioners costs $22 for a 12 ounce bottle. All Keracolor products are sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free. Depending on the shade you’ve chosen, you can use the conditioners to maintain the your color in between salon visits, as a toner, or to add a new hue to pre-lightened hair.

I have used the platinum-colored conditioner for about a year now and love it! The Keracolor website offers free shipping on U.S. orders of $40 and up.


oVerTone Extreme Blue Coloring Conditioner
oVerTone Extreme Blue Coloring Conditioner

oVerTone co-founders claim to have “created a product they had always wanted: a hair-healthy, semi-permanent alternative to dye that could both achieve and maintain head-turning hair colors — sans damage and cold showers”. After launching oVerTone in 2014, they have expanded their line to 14 shades of daily colored conditioners, toning conditioners, mask hair coloring conditioners, and colorless customizable hair masks. oVerTone makes specific recommendations on its website, helping users choose the right products for their own texture and color.

Their products can be used on bleached, unbleached, and pre-colored hair.However, their pastel shades will only show up on platinum hair. They offer two ounce sample sizes of all of their products for $8, an option for those on the fence about a certain shade. Custom colored conditioner kits sell for $35-$56. A lot of their shades sell out, so I would recommend following them on social media or subscribing to the email list on their website to be informed of restocks.

If the pandemic has you thinking about trying bangs or bleaching your hair, why not start small and go with a colored conditioner for a non-permanent fix.