I regularly switch up my look with my manicures, but I have always been appreciative of my natural long nails, despite them causing many problems. Here’s why.

No matter the length, nails are a total fashion statement.
No matter the length, nails are a total fashion statement.

Ever since I was a child, I have always had long nails. I felt like it was just by genetics, because I never did anything special to grow them.

As I grew up, my family always said that milk grows your nails; which was and still is something I happen to drink a lot of. But now that I’m older, I know that isn’t necessarily true.

As an adult, of course I still love to rock my signature long nails. Since I do consider them a part of my everyday style, I never consider cutting them short until I feel the need to switch it up or have a break from the long length. Though maintaining the long length is super cute and fun, it doesn’t come without its challenges.

My Long Nails Prevent Me From Making a Fist

Okay. I know it sounds silly to want to be able to make a fist. But when you find out you can’t do it at all because you have long nails, it’s really annoying.

Don’t worry. I never throw up my fist at people or threaten anyone with it. I just think it’s absolutely insane that I can’t do this one simple thing with my little bitty hands because my nails prevent them from closing all the way.

I also suffer from slight joint pain in my fingers. So, it would be nice to repeatedly make a tight fist every now and then to stretch out my joints. However, once my long nails do get trimmed, I can do whatever kind of hand movement I want for exercise.

I Cannot Properly Snap My fingers With Long Nails

Again. This sounds ludicrous, but I also cannot snap my fingers with my long nails. It’s so minor and also hilarious that I can’t get my thumb and my middle finger to properly touch because the two long nails connected to them get in the way. Many times I try so desperately to make that snapping sound, but it ends up looking like two nails going to war.

It may not be as important to other girls with long nails, but you never know when there’s going to be a day where you want to hear some beautiful poetry and you’ll need to snap those fingers after. Upon attempting, you might get a couple of stares. However, you can at least pretend you’re snapping them and hope no one notices.

It’s So Hard to Put on Jewelry With Long Nails

Have you ever tried to put on your jewelry with long nails? Or have been asked to put on someone else’s jewelry for them because they too had long nails? The struggle is definitely real sometimes.

Just like getting fresh manicures, I like to change up my jewelry. Because a lot of my jewelry is so small and my nails are long, it’s hard to get them in my ears properly or fasten my bracelets and necklaces.

I should also mention, attempting to screw on certain jewelry with my nails has made me lose quite a few of them. Embarrassingly, it could take me over 2 minutes just to put one piece of jewelry in. During this time of heavy concentration, my fingers get super slippery and I almost give up.

You’re probably thinking: If I have all of these problems with having long nails, just cut them off. Well, it may sound silly to some, but just as my nails are a part of my style, they’re also a part of my identity.

Though I have been more lenient to more of a medium kind of length as opposed to wearing them long, I’ll most likely continue to bare through some of my simple frustrations at least for now. Let’s just blame it on being a girly girl.