Unrealistic beauty standards are rampant on Instagram. The popular “Photoshop” app, Facetune is partly to blame for this. While photo editing is common, some accounts embrace and celebrate the natural human body.

@Effyourbeautystandards gets straight to the point!

@effyourbeautystandards defies beauty standards on Instagram.
Effyourbeautystandards Instagram page.

I love how upfront this account is. Every post defies lame old beauty standards. Model Tess Holiday created @Effyourbeautystandards as a platform for people of all shapes, sizes, races, genders, sexualities, and abilities.

There is beauty in diversity, and there is beauty in the natural human form. As a society, we need to expand our beauty standards. This account provides that.

Plus, it’s refreshing to see stretch marks, cellulite, and body hair on my feed. I see it every day in the mirror, like every human does. Let’s normalize it.

@thenakeddiaries strips down beauty standards.

Goodbye, old beauty standards.
Time to kiss goodbye to old beauty standards with thenakeddiaries.

Photographer Taylor Giavasis created @thenakeddiaries to showcase all forms of beauty. By doing this, she created a safe space for people to discuss the internal issues caused by their external world.

We can’t pretend those beauty standards don’t affect our mental health. On @thenakeddiaries, strangers open up about eating disorders, low self-esteem, and more.

This vulnerability is comforting, powerful, and healthy. It might not seem like much, but social media can be a community.

@ariellanyssa and her body positive message

@ariellanyssa dedicates her account to self-love and body-positivity. Goodbye old beauty standards.
@Ariellanyssa dedicates her account to self-love.

Ariella is a body-positive blogger with unapologetic posts. She shows her lumps and bumps with pride, as we all should! The expectation that women should have a tiny waist, flat stomach, big butt, and large breasts is unattainable.

As a curvier woman myself, I love how Ariella embraces all angles of her body. She shows off her bloated tummy and rolls because that’s what women have. We just don’t see it often.

Her caption sums up true beauty, and what standards we should hold ourselves to.
Her caption explains the only standard we should set; feeling love and joy.

Beauty standards are unhealthy. While most of us know this, it’s hard to unlearn what lies society taught us about our bodies. Thankfully, no one is alone with this feeling. Every day more people are redefining beauty standards. You can too.

Maybe you could take pictures as these accounts do. Who knows, maybe you could even share them. It’s your call. Either way, screw those beauty standards.

Do the thing you deserve to do and love yourself. Make your younger self proud. Commit to accepting your body. To call it difficult is putting it lightly, but I know you can do it.