I recently ditched contact lenses to embrace life in my glasses. I spent too long being down about something I couldn’t control and now love living in my trendy new specs.

Photo of a woman wearing glasses and a bow tie, looking very happy.
Embrace your glasses
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Glasses have become fashionable! Yes! With more styles out there than ever before, those possessing unsatisfactory eyes can finally embrace glasses with confidence. Even those without eye deficiencies have dabbled in the trend for fashion! So, what was all the fuss in the first place? I must admit, glasses were never ‘cool’ growing up. I’d request to sit at the front of the class when my teacher chose the seating plan. That way, I never needed them. Little actions like this make life more comfortable until you’re in a university lecture theatre, and your eyes can’t even stay open, let alone do their job. Embracing glasses would take more confidence and less care.

Studies have shown that even politicians aren’t a fan of glasses. For example, even though around 61% of US citizens wear glasses, no US president since Harry Truman has worn glasses in public. Even UK Prime Minister David Cameron took three months to wear his glasses in public. Perhaps they see glasses as a weakness, a sign of aging, and therefore professional incompetency. Well, let’s leave them to it. Times have changed and our eyes can be dressed up, dressed down, and anything in between. There are 194.1 million adult vision correction users in the U.S alone, which shows just how prevalent glasses are in society. Read on for some insight into how I embrace wearing glasses and what I’ve done to make them work for me.

#1 Embrace Glasses by Experimenting with Shapes and Colours

Photo of glasses racks in an opticians. There are hundreds of options!
Your eyes can wear a rainbow. Choose from hundreds of original glasses.
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If you think you don’t suit glasses, you haven’t found the right ones yet. My day-to-day glasses are pink! I adore them and receive compliments often, although I’ll admit I would never have chosen them a few years ago. I have the same ones in brown should I need them for something more formal. Have a look at what’s out there! You’ll find glasses that never suited you before suddenly do. They match your hair now or suit your make-up look. Try on unique frame shapes, colors, and thicknesses. You’ll surprise yourself and also have fun laughing in the mirror at the few that look ridiculous. Embrace change by taking your eyes shopping!

#2 Embrace Glasses by Finding a Good Deal

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Embrace glasses at a bargain
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If you’re put off by the price, don’t be. My current pair cost me $25, but it’s possible to spend less. I found and ordered these glasses online in minutes from selectspecs.com. They’re the right pair for me because they’re cute, cheap, and as easy as 123 to order. This suits me because I’m on a budget… turns out my parents stop paying for things when I become an adult! Lots of websites offer a ‘try before you buy’ service, which allows you to select four frames they’ll deliver to your door. Choose your favorite and return the box free of charge. Companies such as UK based glasses direct do this. So, if it’s the price you’re worried about, fear not. Embrace glasses you need not spend a fortune on.

#3 Embrace Glasses by Wearing them for Yourself

Photo of a baby wearing a pair of glasses which don't fit very well!
Your eyes are your own, you do you!
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If you’re a glasses wearer, you’ll sympathize with me here. There’s always someone who will tell you you look better either with or without your glasses. I vividly remember a boy in a science class who told me, “you look like a sexy secretary.” Since then, I’ve had people tell me otherwise. Then there are the people who say, “you look more intelligent with them on.” So, if I take them off, not only can I not see properly, but now I look less intelligent? It bothers me, and I used to care. Your eyes are all yours, and you can dress them as you please, so embrace being confident in your glasses and don’t take any lip!


So get out there and embrace your glasses. Life’s too short to worry. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective. You’ll look spectacular!

Do you have trouble embracing glasses? What’s stopping you?

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