Thinking about popping that pimple on your face? I know it’s tempting to start squeezing but don’t you dare! You’ll only make things worse for yourself.

Always resist the urge to pop your pimples!
Always resist the urge to pop your pimples!
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There are so many times where it can be extremely tempting to pop a pimple; but should you? Unfortunately, those things make it their mission to stop our faces from being great. But if you release all your frustrations by squeezing them, you may be causing more harm than good.


As if pimples weren’t bad enough, the scars that are sometimes left behind can make your skin look even worse. When you pop your pimples, you can potentially cause damage to your skin that could later lead to unwanted scars. Those scars can linger for months and can sometimes be permanent.

Depending on the person, pimples normally make the surrounding skin red. As you start squeezing your pimples, you stress the skin further and increase the redness.

I learned this mistake the hard way as a teenager. Though I didn’t get much acne then, the pimples I did have got far too much attention from my two index fingers. Resist the urge to squeeze, pick, pop, and irritate.

Clogged Pores

Have you ever thought about what’s really going on as you squeeze that gunk out of your pimples? As you squeeze, you’re actually pushing some of the pus back inside your skin. That nasty pus is sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands within the skin.

Regardless of the size of the pimple, you’ll obviously see the pus oozing out. However, some of it will inevitably end up back into where it came from. Many people find it satisfying to watch the pus spill out, not realizing that they’re clogging up their pores again. As the pus is now deep within the skin, this can cause further redness and potential swelling.

Though you may not be able to clearly see the pus going back inside you, it’s certainly possible to feel it. Some of my big pimples were a bit painful and would throb with the slightest facial movement. When I use to try to pop them, I could feel the pus moving in my skin. I know—gross!


With or without those pimples, always remember you're beautiful.
With or without those pimples, always remember you’re beautiful.
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Pimples can become infected. When you pop a zit, you’re making it a breeding ground for bacteria. It is now essentially a wound that needs time to heal from the inflammation you’ve caused. An infection of any kind is something to take seriously.

If you insist on popping your pimples, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. If they’re not properly cleaned, they can spread any bacteria they may be harboring.

You may have come across pimple-popping methods deemed to be safe. One example is the use of a sanitized needle to poke the pimple. However, anything that involves poking the face and with a needle sounds a bit scary to me.

The best way to rid yourself of those pesky pimples is with a visit to your dermatologist. Skin is their specialty and they know how to properly treat acne. You’ll also be taking the first step toward clearer, healthier looking skin!