If life is a game, we are all characters in it. Therefore, it is up to us what characters we choose to be and what we bring to the game. Start now.

The Beginnings of the New You
The Beginnings of the New You
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When we walk on the street or while on the bus, we observe the surrounding characters. We notice how they are dressed, choose to hold themselves, and what they express by their being. It is easy to get bored. Most of the characters are bleak. However, many people pay little attention to the characters they present to the world. Since our characters give an impression about ourselves, we need to create a cool character out of ourselves.

Create a Cool Character to Begin a New Life

It's time for the first step
It’s time for the first step
Photo by Jan Tinneberg from Unsplash

Like anything in life, a character has many aspects. The method by which we look and communicate through looks is an essential part of our character. Creatives and artists are eccentric with their clothing, accessories, and makeup. They want to stick out, break the norms and stereotypes to say: we can do it differently. We are all co-creators, and we can all break the norms, even if it means to throw out everything we own or even better donate it. They do that to create their cool characters.

The process of self-reinvention can take months, therefore it is important to give ourselves time to do this in a good rhythm. We don’t want to be rushing. Reimagining our future is a quest we should spend as much time and energy on. And by this, I do not mean doing something nonstop. Non-action is an action in itself. Relaxation requires full attention. It is harder than it sounds and it has nothing to do with being lazy. Relaxing can be much harder than we can ever expect.

Beginning a new life can be so much fun. It is all about tracing the small steps and the little progress made day by day. Step by step, the journey turns into an adventure that leads us beyond the realms of imagination. We are becoming more than we could ever dream of. We can become one of those cool characters that people look at in the streets and think to themselves: Wow, I want that!

How to Create a Cool Character

This could be you
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We are living in an era where the world is a stage. Everyone takes pictures everywhere, makes videos, lives, and so. Everything we do will go live. Therefore, you could be watched, followed, and might be part of someone’s insta-story at any point in the day.

So watch out that nose scratching! Our usual characters might need a serious upgrade. Choosing a new character can be fun, engaging, and majorly eye-opening. Hence, to create a cool character, your first step is aesthetics and the art of beauty. You must care about your beauty.

Tips to Create Cool Character

Start with the basics
Start with the basics
Photo by Priscilla du Preez from Unsplash

Start with colors 

Since colors affect us, you must select cool colors. Starting with bedsheets and towels and ending with socks and pots. Everything must fit nicely. Choose a palette that calms and makes you feel at home within yourself. You can start by choosing your favorite plants’ photos, flowers, textures, etc. Then put them in a folder and go from there. This way you develop your new personality, gain a fresh taste, and feel more organized.

Also, you can go spiritually. See what are your totem animals, spirit flowers, essential elements. Combine these in a nice minimalistic manner. Don’t overdo it. Three or four primary colors are enough. Plus, you always have black and white at hand and forever grey. Matching cool colors will present your cool character. When your life colors have been matched, everything looks different, and you feel calm.

Don’t Overspend, Less is more 

Hmmm...calm and organized
Hmmm… it’s calm and organized
Photo by Tutu from Unsplash

Cool things are unnecessary to have a high price. Look for cool sites where people sell or give away their things for cheap or for free. Recently I bought an expensive jacket, barely worn, for 20 euros, from someone who got pregnant and can’t wear it anymore. I looked for a week. She paid 80 euros for it. Give it a few days and something will pop up. People buy a lot of stuff online, which they don’t like when they actually wear them. Look for changes, the web is filled with them. So, you need not spend much to be cool!

Lists are good

1, 2, 3 – List!
Photo by Cathryn Lavery from Unsplash

Make a list of things you need. Remember, keep it simple and minimal. Give it time, be on guard, and all the things you need will come your way. Patience is of great value. If you add knowing what you are looking for, you are on the total win side. It’s also good to figure out the main wardrobe and horse articles that you wear and use and stick to them. Replace rather than expand. Lists make you more organized and so help you create a cool character.


Cozy time with yourself
Photo by Anthony Tran from Unsplash

The most important part of your cool character is yourself. So, you must care about it. Self-care means caring about our body, mind, and spirit. When you care about yourself, you become someone inspiring, lovely to look at and someone who brings beauty and freshness to everyday life. Everything in your home and wardrobe suits your sense. All are carefully picked and selected.

To care about your body, make a short trip to a vegan cosmetics shop. Get some soaps and oils, make your space smell, and feel nourished and cozy. Since our facial expressions tell more about us, we need special care about them to show a cool character.

Face Wash Tips to Maintain Cool Face

Enjoy turning yourself into a cool character
Photo by Kal Visuals from Unsplash
  • Buy an organic almond oil
  • Make a tiny lake inside your palm (approx. 10 drops)
  • Spread it all over your face
  • Use a small face towel (you can make some by cutting old towels and sewing the edges)
  • Put the face towel under hot water, then squeeze the water out
  • Place the face tower on your face and keep for a few minutes, so the pores would open
  • Start cleaning the face with the towel
  • Rinse with cold water 

Attention: wash the face towel after with soap and place it in a spot where it could dry fast. You shouldn’t let it stay wet for long to not gather bacteria, which could produce an unpleasant smell.

When you begin this new creation, get rid of all the old clutter. Feng Shui tells us pretty straightforwardly; what is broken must be thrown away. Practice letting go. Throw all the past to the trash, but sort it first. You don’t need it anymore. You are beginning a new life by creating a cool character out of yourself. And the good news is, you need not know who you are. You are discovering as you go along.

Enjoying the process of transformation is the key to a new life. Creating a cool character is fun and engaging. It can bring about new people, new tastes, new travels. Allow yourself to feel the vibe of the new beginning. Let the enthusiasm take you to your next level and walk you through the materialization of your wildest dreams. You deserve to feel good because you are cool! Enjoy life, it is yours!