In my beginner’s guide to beauty I have tried and tested the below top 3 tricks for your convenience. They are great tips to easily add into your daily routine.

Beginners Guide to beauty Top 3 tricks
Beginners guide to Beauty Top 3 picks.
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Beauty products are advertised everywhere. Celebrities are selling their “own” products. But how do we know what’s best for us. Look below at my top 3 beginner’s guide to beauty tricks.

#1 Beginner’s Guide to Beauty Tip – How to Look Great in Selfies

#1 beauty Trick How to look great in Selfies
#1 beauty Trick How to look great in Selfies.
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My number one trick to beauty is, how to look beautiful in your selfies. Every one takes selfies, come on, admit it. We are all on this band wagon for sure. But the trick to looking beautiful, and to avoid that shiny complexion, is to add a matte cream to your T-zone before you apply the rest of your make-up. Look in stores like Sephora, or at any makeup counter at your local pharmacy.

#2 Beginner’s Guide to Beauty Tip – Fresh Looking Eyes

#2 Beginners guide to Beauty - Fresh looking eyes
#2 Beginners guide to Beauty tip – Fresh looking eyes.
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My number two beginner’s guide to beauty is fresh looking eyes. When we work too much or go out too late. Or eat and drink too much our eyes are a dead giveaway. They look puffy, red rimmed and tired. What can we do to help the illusion of fresh, healthy looking eyes? I use a skin-colored eye pencil to line the lower inside rim of my eyes. This will offset the redness and helps for fresher looking eyes.

#3 Beginner’s Guide to Beauty Tip – How to Make Lips Look Fuller

#3 Beginners Guide to beauty - Fuller plump Lips
#3 Beginners Guide to beauty tip – Fuller plump Lips.
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Have you ever wondered how some celebrities go from having very thin lips to gloriously plump, full lips without cosmetic surgery. Well, we have a little trick for you to try. Using a light skin toned lip liner creates a slightly larger outline of your lip. Wear a lighter lip color, also use a lip gloss and a lip plumper. You can find all these products again at any makeup counter or store like Sephora.

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