If there’s one skincare specialist on YouTube I have been loving lately, his name is Hyram. The skincare legend lives in Hawaii, sometimes has blue hair, and always wears blue shirts. More importantly, he makes addicting skincare videos and genuinely helps his followers perfect their skincare routines. Hey Hyram, can we please be BFFs?

One of Hyram’s most recent skincare videos!

With Almost 2.4 Million Subscribers, Hyram Is Killing the YouTube Game!

If you’ve recently searched for a skincare video on YouTube, then you’ve probably seen Hyram’s perfect face in your recommendations. That’s at least how I discovered the 24-year-old skincare specialist.

Most of his skincare videos rake in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views and for a good reason. Hyram is a skincare fanatic who has dedicated his channel to helping others improve their skin. He’s already helped improve my finicky skin, which is saying something because my skin hates 99% of products.

Hyram is the King of Honesty

One of my favorite things about Hyram and his skincare videos is his honesty. He regularly posts reviews of well-known skincare brands and is completely upfront about his views on their products, customer service, and brand message. I appreciate that he’s not afraid to say whether or not a popular, expensive product is garbage. I trust him wholeheartedly.

Hyram also makes it very clear that he is neither an esthetician nor a dermatologist, which I think is important for viewers to keep in mind. However, his lack of formal education doesn’t invalidate his expertise at all.

He is incredibly informed on skincare, and that’s very clear from all of his videos. He works in the skincare industry, as a specialist, so he is still highly knowledgeable. Plus, he’s such a joy to listen to. I can watch his videos for hours on end and never get bored. He’s sweet, hilarious, and helpful. I need to be his BFF STAT!

Before you know it, Hyram will have you just as obsessed with skincare as he is.
Before you know it, Hyram will have you just as obsessed with skincare as he is.

Hyram Is Very Conscious of Skincare Prices, Sustainability, and Ingredients.

Hyram frequently says that most of his favorite products aren’t the prettiest, most luxurious skincare items on the market. Many of his holy-grail items are simple, cost-effective, and unheard of. The Ordinary, Inkey List, and CeraVe are among Hyram’s most recommended skincare brands.

Both he and his followers can attest to the fact that to have good skin, and you don’t need to pay a ridiculous amount of money. Below is a collection of before and after pictures Hyram’s subscribers have sent in showing how his advice has helped their skin.

I mean come on! The power of Hyram is right there.

Hyram also frequently discusses skincare practices, packaging, and ingredients that are environmentally friendly, which is huge for a tree hugger like me. He makes sure to promote sunscreens that won’t harm the oceans or ozone, recyclable packaging, and clean skincare ingredients. I really appreciate how he covers all the bases because the skincare industry creates so much waste, along with the rest of the beauty industry.

When it comes to skincare, Hyram is a superb resource to help you gain free and important insight. There’s seriously nothing not to love about Hyram. If you want to check out more from Hyram, you can find his channel here. Do you love Hyram as much as I do? Leave me a comment and let’s geek out!