Skincare for middle-aged women should include makeup and beauty products that combat the signs of aging. Who wants to grow old gracefully?

Skincare for middle-aged women designed to show your inner and outer beauty.
Skincare for middle-aged women designed to show your inner and outer beauty.
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Aging gracefully has been a one-liner for well ever. Grandma said it, and Mom said it. Now, staring into the mirror at middle-aged, forty-something, it doesn’t sound so graceful. Should women grow old gracefully or fight for their beauty every step of the way? Changes in our environment and social norms have put a new spin on skincare and beauty products for middle-aged women.  

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean letting yourself go, Beautiful!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if a woman wears makeup products, or not, or has a look of wisdom in her eyes. Either way, a middle-aged woman’s beauty, and skincare routine are essential. We should not overlook it.  

Fighting aging skin every step of the way.

Fighting the aging process involves a whole-body beauty and skincare approach with beauty products and nutrition in mind. Eating healthy, getting rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and mindful medical care affect the skin. Another critical factor is to start your skincare regiment with quality products early. Starting early can delay the onset of aging skin. Starting a little later may include skincare regiments that reverse middle-age effects on the skin.

Five skin-saving beauty products for the middle-aged woman.

Alpha hydroxy acid and hyaluronic acid are age reversing options for skincare.
Alpha hydroxy acid and hyaluronic acid are age reversing options for skincare.
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The following is a list of tried-and-true beauty and skincare products. They are designed to delay, reverse, or cover the signs of aging for middle-aged women. The skincare and beauty products have been tested by yours truly, at forty-something!  

  1. Alpha hydroxy acid exfoliates aging skin and heals skin at the deepest levels. It’s ingredients reduce wrinkles, aid in reversing photodamage (sunspots) and draws water to the skin for a firm appearance in most women.
  2. Hyaluronic acid creates supple skin and reduces scarring. It also relieves dry eye symptoms and reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles for aging skin.
  3. City Lips plumping lip gloss is a miracle-working product for aging women and women who drink coffee, tea, or smoke. Coffee and tea are natural diuretics and cause dehydration. Over many years, the result is thinning lips. Additionally, pursing your lips to sip or smoke cause lip lines and nose lines. City Lips lip gloss products creates the visual appearance of fuller lips. Over continued use, it also reduces the appearance of lip lines. 
  4. Bare minerals makeup offers toxic free, vegan makeup products. The makeup line offers choices of liquid or powder bases. This, depending on your personal skincare needs. The Bare Minerals concealer stick has excellent full coverage for flaws on aging skin.
  5. Kat Von D Lock-it foundation is the best beauty foundation product for covering the freckled face. Sunspots are the bane of many middle-aged women who have spent too much time in the sun with unprotected skin. When you can’t erase it, cover it!
Middle-aged women are all beautiful.
Middle-aged women are all beautiful.
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A special note for middle-aged women to keep in mind with skincare. The uses of alpha-hydroxy acid and hyaluronic acid beauty products are to treat aging skin. But it may cause skin sensitivity and increased sensitivity in the sun. Avoid sun exposure by using a hat or umbrella, and quality skincare and sunscreen products.