A lot of women (and men) wear makeup. It isn’t surprising to look at the faces of strangers and find some trace of makeup on their face. However, a question that is often asked by people who don’t wear makeup is, why?

Makeup as an art is a beautiful thing.
Makeup as an art is a beautiful thing.
Photo by Marcelo Moreira from Pexels

Why do you spend the time, money, and effort to put on makeup? There are a variety of answers to this question, and no one answer can encompass the reason every single makeup wearer chooses to wear makeup. However, one thing I’m sure most people who wear makeup can agree on: we’re tired of you asking “why don’t you just accept your natural beauty?”

The consensus among people who wear makeup is that it makes them feel better about themselves in some way. Wearing makeup allows people to experiment with how they look. Are your eyebrows non-existent? Draw them in! Tired of your invisible eyelashes making your eyes look weird? Throw on some mascara! For some, this is a serious matter of confidence.

One study suggests that women who were more concerned about their appearance wore more makeup and “were more apt to believe that makeup enhances their social interactions”. For some people, not wearing makeup is similar to showing up to an event naked! However, this is just one subsection of the makeup-wearing population.

In recent years, with the rise of social media sites (especially Instagram), people have been using makeup as another art form medium. It’s like painting, but for your face. Extravagant displays of bright colors and other props are exploding onto the makeup scene, and the line between “makeup inspiration” and “art piece” is getting ever so blurry. (Check out @kimberleymargarita_ and @mykie on Instagram for some amazing examples of this!) For many, doing their makeup is an art form, just the same as painting on a canvas or sculpting.

Makeup as an art is a beautiful thing.
Makeup as an art is a beautiful thing.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For many others, putting on and wearing makeup can be relaxing. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get to turn up some of my favorite music, pull my hair back, and put on my makeup. Sure, it may take around 30 minutes (or an hour, if I’m going for a more involved makeup look), but it’s a portion of the day where my focus is completely on me. I have time to sit down and focus on myself, have a little mental check-in with myself, with the added benefit of a confidence booster.

There are also some negative reasons for wearing makeup. As much as we all want to believe people wear makeup because they want to wear makeup, this isn’t always the case. Societal pressures, a desire to look conventionally “pretty”, or a need for control over oneself are all more negative reasons behind wearing makeup. However, in an era of self-love and body-positivity, I hope that these reasons are becoming less common in the makeup scene.

There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup if that's what you choose to do! Be positive no matter what.
There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup if that’s what you choose to do! Be positive no matter what.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

What are your reasons for wearing makeup? Is it just something you’ve always done? Is wearing makeup something you love to do? Is it an enormous confidence boost, or is it more of an art form? Tell me all about it in the comments!