If your feet are dry, damaged, hurting, and cracked, use this foot care kit immediately. It works wonders. I promise and swear by it.

Lately, I have been struggling with very damaged feet. The skin is peeling off of my heels and they’re very cracked. It’s not a pretty picture.

I recently invested in Earth Therapeutics Foot Care Kit to remedy this issue. It is working slowly but surely and my damaged feet are becoming smoother.

Foot Care Kit
Soothe your feet with the ultimate foot care kit.
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The World’s #1 Best Foot Care Kit

In my humble opinion, this is the best foot care kit on planet earth at the moment. It’s called the Earth Therapeutics Foot Doctor Pedicure Kit.

Foot Care Kit
Exfoliate your feet with this incredible foot scrub. It’s a wonderful component of the best foot care kit on earth.
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The Foot Scrub

One component of this kit is the foot scrub. It cleanses my skin. I put it on a wet wash cloth and then rub my feet with it. It contains tea tree oil, mint, and pumice. This scrub smells wonderful. It feels superb in between my toes. It is very effective as an exfoliator.

This helps me prepare my feet for the pumice. They get wet and moisturized so they are better equipped to handle it.

Foot Care Kit
Rub dry skin off of your feet with the pumice. This is an essential component of the ultimate foot care kit.
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The Pumice

This is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite part of the kit. It is the most effective at getting rid of the dry skin on my feet. If I overdo it though, my feet can get sore and hurt for the rest of the day.

This tool works wonders for cracked and dry feet. It has gotten rid of a lot of the dead skin I have on my heels. I use it every day after I use the scrub. It is gradual but still very effective.

Learn from me what not to do. Don’t overdo it. Use it sparingly, but use it every day.

Foot Care Kit
Nourish your skin with a therapeutic balm. This is a soothing component of the best foot care kit on planet earth at the moment.
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Foot Remedy Therapeutic Balm

This product is quite soothing. It nourishes my poor feet. I put it on my feet after I’ve used the pumice. It is a blend of tea tree, chamomile, and aloe vera. This is quite a soothing blend. It is deeply therapeutic. It heals the dry skin on my heels and makes my skin much softer.

I find it to be more effective if I immediately put warm, fuzzy socks on after I have applied it. My skin is already getting softer.

With this kit you’ll find that your feet will get better with time just like mine did. I love this kit and the way it makes my feet feel after I’ve been kinda rough on them. Try this out and I bet you won’t regret it!