Do you have an empowering fragrance? Do you just like essential oils? Here are some essential oils you can wear to feel the power of divine femininity.

Sun's Eye Deity Essential Oils
Sun’s Eye Deity Oils
Photo courtesy of SomaLunaLLC Etsy Shop

Essential Oils

I feel as though the modern woman has at least one or two essential oils lying around. Essential oils are useful for practically anything from a cold to a perfume. But, did you know that there are also essential oils that help with fertility, menopause, PMS, and even libido?

I recently went down an essential oil hole on Etsy. Let me tell you; the possibilities surprised me! I wouldn’t describe myself as an essential oil connoisseur; however, with all the craziness going on in the world lately, I’ve been trying to find tranquility wherever possible. So, why not start with one of my five senses — my nose?

… with all the craziness going on in the world lately, I’ve been trying to find tranquility wherever possible.

Elysha Kaiffie

I wanted an essential oil that would help me feel empowered and in control since I haven’t been feeling like that lately because of the pandemic. So when I came across Deity Oils by Sun’s Eye, I was thrilled! Sun’s Eye creates its oils using aromatic herbs, blossoms, leaves, spices, and essentials. I went with their “Kali Deity Oil,” as she is the mother goddess of protection and destruction for renewal. She is exactly the epitome of the power that divine femininity holds, and her oil smells of roses and musk.

Essential Oils + Crystals

Crystal Infused Essential Oil Ball Rollers
Crystal Infused Essential Oil Ball Rollers.
Photo courtesy of MalasbyMichelle Etsy

Just like essential oils, I am also newly getting familiar with the power of crystals. Every crystal has a unique purpose for evoking a healing or transformative state to the user. Some popular crystals are:

  • Rose Quartz for self-esteem and love
  • Amethyst for intuition and calming
  • Moonstone for intuition and energy

There is no surprise, then, why infusing crystals with an essential oil would be so powerful. Some essential oils already come infused with crystals to enhance the oil’s purpose. If the essential oil you have doesn’t, there is no need to fret. There are also rollerballs infused with various crystals that you can purchase and add whatever essential oil you please with it.

For my Kali Deity Oil, I purchased a Clear Quartz infused rollerball for both convenience and amplification of the essential oil. Clear Quartz is excellent for drawing off negative energy, balance, and healing. Combining both this crystal and essential oil has helped me not only to smell amazing but feel amazing too! Reapplying the essential oil throughout the day is a subtle reminder of the great message it means to me and carries.

Divine Femininity

I don’t believe tapping into one’s divine femininity is only specific to women.


Since what one considers divine femininity is primarily based on who you ask, I would like to give my interpretation of this popularized spiritual concept. I’ll start by saying, I don’t believe tapping into one’s divine femininity is only specific to women. Mostly what we assign today as feminine has an innate connection to feelings and emotions. However, these terms are often looked down upon as weak, and should be kept to one’s self.

Expressing emotions, practicing self-love, and embracing one’s sexuality is the way I view tapping into one’s inherent divine femininity. Becoming separate from ego, and just being fully unapologetically you. A divine feminine is not an overcast light drizzle; she is a storm.

When I apply my Deity Clear Quartz infused rollerball, I am reminded that I have, am, and will always be enough. I am fully tapped into my divine femininity when I simply allow myself to BE. Be present, be grateful, be you!

Are you super into essential oils or crystals? I can say I’m a full-on convert! Let me know your favorite essential oils or crystals below.