We have a lot of talented writers that work with us every day and I’d like to highlight a few of my favorite articles from last week. It’s all about helping you with tips and tricks, body positivity and looking fierce. So read on and find out what my favorites for this week were.

3 Sustainable Swaps For Your Beauty Routine

3 Sustainable Swaps For Your Beauty Routine

This well-written and informative article on switching out your current products for ones that are more sustainable is a great read that I promise you won’t forget spending the time to cuddle up with. Sustainability is important when considering everything from food products we use every day and even makeup or skincare. Here Brianna Schullo addresses those concerns here and gives a few brilliant suggestions on how to do it.

2 Tips: What You Eat Helps Your Skin be Healthy

Here Sarah Sabourin talks about the importance of taking care of the largest organ on your body. Your skin. Eating right and drinking water are two key ingredients to doing this as they keep your skin glowing and healthy throughout not only the day but your life. What you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Read this article for some great tips and you will love the skin you’re in!

1 Great Reason to Reflect on Why I Wear Makeup

Do you feel that makeup is an art form? Do you like to wear it despite the natural movement that’s going on right now? Sam Ikner talks about it and how it makes her feel and a bit of society’s view on it as well. In this piece she writes, she says there isn’t anything wrong if you don’t want to wear makeup, embrace it! But there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to wear it either. Be you, be glamourous in whatever way makes you feel that way and get some ‘me time’ in while you’re doing it.

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