Throughout the ages it has never ceased being fun to decorate your lips with color. Celebrate National Lipstick Day by trying some of these inspiring looks!

July 29th is THE day for lips! How creative you want to get is all up to you. Take a moment and consider how beautiful you are. Your smile is the best thing to happen to anyone, and now is the time to celebrate it!

The Metallic Shine

This trend can be dated all the way back to the early 2000s, and it’s a staple look that all beauty creatives should try. This style can be colorful or natural, and the distinctive shimmer will always impress. You can find metallics in almost every shade!

The Ombre

Everything colorful can be ombred, period. Including lips. No longer reserved for hair dye and nail polish, you can give your lips a beautiful color gradient in any shade. Pick two colors of the same hue, a light shade and a darker shade, and apply them together to create a stunning, two-tone look.

Sparkle Sparkle!

Everyone loves a little shimmer, right? Glitter lips are all the rage. This look can be fun or majestic, depending on how you want to play it. It’s surprisingly easy to achieve too! You can buy an all-in-one glitter lipstick, or apply glitter over any bright shade to give you that fun twinkle.

Our Lady in Red

Timeless and classic, there’s a shade of red for everyone. Whether you play it moist and vibrant, or matte and subdued, flaming lips are an iconic look that’s bound to draw attention.

The Nude

We’re all familiar with the “natural” trend that’s taken over our beauty universe. Nude lips fit the bill with that bare, could-be-the-real-thing kind of look. More subdued than other styles, there’s a nude shade to compliment every skin tone. Check out colors that are close to your natural lip shade, but still give a bit of glam. They’re an awesome way to upgrade your look while still keeping it modest.

And True Works of Art

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And we’ve got the downright experimental! There’s no end to what you can do with a bit of color and a blank canvas, or in this case, blank lips! Check out @_lipsartistic_ on Instagram for literal lip paintings.

I want to give a special thanks to all the innovative stylists that keep us in awe. Your creativity spreads inspiration and joy every day. Be sure to show off, be proud, and admire all the beauty you create. Happy Lipstick Day!