So you’ve decided now’s the time to start your blog. Hurray! But before you send your new website out into the Internet void, it’s smart to take a step back.

blog launch steps
The lead up to a blog launch means checking off one big to-do list.
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Talk about your blog launch

blog launch step
Launching a blog can feel like putting together a puzzle you created.
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This is something I wish I would have done. Instead of being coy about your new project, hype it up to friends and family.

It might feel like self-promotion, but in reality the people who love you will support you. Discussing your blog with others can also create inspiration.

You may have writer buddies who are interested in guest posting. They might even have their own helpful steps you can add to your checklist.

Blogging can be a solo journey, but it shouldn’t be. With a blog, you know that anyone can read your work. That can be intimidating.

But it’s also exciting! You can create a community of like-minded people.

Don’t be shy. If you have the support of people in your life, you will feel more confident about launching your blog.

Have a collection of blog posts ready

blog launch steps
Plan and write your content before launching your blog
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Have at least one week’s worth of posts before launching your blog. This number will vary on how often you plan on posting.

If you are launching a blog, then that means you have writing experience. Yet, with the mechanics of a blog, you might need to learn as you go.

If you’re well-prepared, you can work out any behind-the-scenes issues that might arise. This is a common occurrence in all stages of a blog launch.

Together, these two steps cut the stress you might feel when launching your blog.

Where to find more information

There are other steps you might need to take before your blog launch. You can find more information on everything blogging in our Aroono website.

Always remember, you are in control of your blog. There’s no rush to launch. Make sure your puzzle of a blog has as many pieces in place as possible by taking these two steps.

And with that, you’re on your way to becoming a free blogging bird.