Your competitors are using keywords and “best” SEO practices. Outsmart them by going direct to the source. Use Google search to write better content. 

Google search auto-completion and Google Search Engine Results (SERPs) are a lost secret to search engine optimization (SEO). Other publications and blogs focus on keywords and the emotional value (EMV) of things. Let’s get back to basics.

People type questions into Google because they are looking for an answer. So, take up the challenge of answering those questions. You will reap the benefits of being best friends with the 800 lb gorilla of the internet, Google.

Start in Google Search by Asking a Question

Start by asking Google search a question.
Start by asking Google search a question

Like everyone else on Google, start by asking it a question. No, don’t ask, “What are the best SEO practices?” Instead, ask a question that one of your readers might ask. “Where do coffee beans come from?” “How do you milk a cow?” You get the point.

Your first course of action is to hop on Google. Start by asking it a question. But don’t rush. Take the time to see what Google says back to you. Notice the more you type, the narrower the focus gets.

Take the time to see what Google says back to you.

In the above example, many writers would stop at “how to write a book.” They would think it is a genius topic. The pros know better. “How to write a book title” is better. But look at all those autosuggestions.

“How to write a book title in a paragraph.” Now that is niche. That is where you want to be. You want to answer that question so you can help someone who is looking for that specific answer.

Look at the Top Search Results

Look at the search results to consider the competition.
Look at the search results to consider the competition

Now we have our question, so we’re ready to write. No! You have only done half the work. There is one more step you need to complete. In the business world, they call this competitive market analysis. In layman’s terms: has someone else already answered this question?

While looking through the search results, you will see one of two things. First, you’ll see quality webpages written by top writers for first-class publications. Or you’ll see forums and other lowest-common-denominator types of pages. Which do you think we want to target?

No, not the questions with stiff competition. We want to aim for easy opportunities. In the example above, the top results are the WordPress manual and the WordPress forums.

The searcher probably already tried the manual. They found it confusing and went to Google to see if someone could explain it better. Some kind-hearted people tried in a forum. But a forum isn’t quality information.

Forums are often outdated. They only contain short and direct, to-the-point information. Usually, the information is misleading or missing crucial pieces of information. But what would you expect from trying to get an answer by eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation?

So the question in the tweet above is perfect. You can write up a quality article covering this question. You have a solid chance of ranking high for it since no one else has tried yet. We call this “being the first mover” in the business world.

Write a Great Article

Write better content.
Write better content

This piece isn’t about teaching you how to write a great article, but I do want to impart some wisdom to you. These are the bullet points of what another great article could be.

First, take the time to do your research. Quality research goes a long way to writing great content. Next, write a good first draft and then step away from the computer. Let the idea marinate in your mind. Think of this first draft as an info dump of all the information you gathered while researching.

Doing research is a surefire way to writing better content.
Doing research is a surefire way to writing better content
Barbara Brannon

Now you can rewrite your first draft. More than likely, you will change every word. Now, here’s the kicker. Do that process again. Walk away. Let it marinate. Then come back and rewrite it again.

If you write for Aroono, submit it to your editor. You’ll receive excellent feedback, and you’ll get the chance to improve your article even further. Now it’s ready for publication.

There you have it; 2 ways to use Google search to write better content ā€” with the bonus of sharing my writing process. Make sure to answer niche questions that don’t have answers yet. Take your time to write well-researched content. I’ll see you at the top of the SERPs.