Blogging is essential for many companies. A lot of them are desperate for talented writers. If you have the writing chops, get paid to use them.

Getting paid for blogging work
Get paid to blog.
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Become A Pro With Problogger

This is a great site to find blogging work. It’s easy to navigate. You just go on the site, click Jobs, and there you go. An endless stream of paid blogging opportunities.

Most companies explain the position requirements, payment, and how long they will need you.

Apply if you’re the right fit. Many companies use google docs for their forms. Fill it out and wait to hear back.

Just a tip, only apply for suitable positions. Don’t try to bluff. Many companies require a written test before they hire you. If you don’t have the experience, find a position where you do.

There are many entry-level positions. These positions pay less. But it’s a great starting point to improve your craft.

Freelancer, A Bidding War To See Who Gets Paid

Freelancer is another useful website. This site relies on bidding wars. The client posts a budget, and you can bid up until that price.

There’s a free account, and a paid one. The free account allows for 8 proposals a month. Anything after that is paid. The paid account offers limitless proposals.

Payment is via PayPal. You get payed once you finish your blogging assignment.

This website isn’t for everyone. It’s good for those starting off. You’ll find some paid blogging to build your portfolio. Gain some confidence and get paid in the process.

Indeed Is Indeed The Best Way To Find Paid Blogging Work

Problogger and Freelancer are great. Those sites offer freelance work. If that’s all you want, great. For part-time or full-time paid work, however, Indeed is perfect.

Indeed is my favorite. It’s also the reason I’m writing this blog. I’ve found work with Aroono through

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Indeed has added features to their site. Now you can see if an employer is urgently hiring or highly responsive.

You can upload your resume and cover letter to the site. Now you can even search and apply quickly. It works.

Get paid for blogging work
Get paid to write blogs.
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There are many sites to find work. You’ll fild thousands of results simply by typing in “paid blogging work” in Google.

These sites are a good place to start. Let this be your guide if you’re looking to freelance or work full-time.

Understand the level of writing that you can provide. If you do this, you’ll have no problems. Accept that huge amounts of money won’t come right away.

Small pay for entry-level work won’t always be the case. Build, get better, and get paid more to blog.