Do you have that blogger’s itch? Are you looking to start a blog? Well then, let’s get you started. Here are 3 easy-to-use platforms for starting a blog.

It's easy to start your blog.
It’s easy to start your blog.
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Show Industry Professionals Your Blogging Skills With LinkedIn

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, get one. Like, right now. The platform is designed for you to show your stuff. Click “Write an article” on the homepage and blog. Adding images and creating text is simple. I’ve created blogs aplenty on LinkedIn.

Start it, finish it, hashtag it, and post it. With proper hashtags, you’re inviting readers. “Any thoughts?” and “Do you agree?” are great questions to add to your blog. It invites conversation. Aim for a more professional tone. Stay away from “Top 10 sexiest Xena cosplays.”

People would still click, but there are better blogging platforms. Blog about blogging. Blog about the job hunt. Blog about your experiences. Have fun with it and engage readers. There are plenty of them looking for a discussion. Get started.

Aroono Invites Bloggers From All Over The World

It's easy to blog at Aroono.
It’s easy to blog at Aroono.
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Aroono is a great and easy platform for bloggers to grow. Their mission is to give writers a platform for getting their messages out to the world. Here you can blog about politics, religion, film, sports, music, or whatever your niche is.

Aroono welcomes personality. This isn’t a content mill where you just blog all day without using a creative bone in your body. If you’re quirky, then write quirky. If you’re serious, write seriously. Whichever way you feel comfortable blogging.

They’re always on the hunt for new bloggers. Check out the website and send them a message. If you want a platform to get your word out, this is a brilliant spot to start blogging.

WordPress Is The Best For Bloggers Looking To Go The Extra Mile

Over 400 million viewers per month. Over 20 billion pages. WordPress has a reputation for being the best. For some, it is, for others it isn’t. To get started, it takes a few minutes. You can’t just sync with other accounts, but it’s still easy to get started.

After you create an account, you can start blogging. The website is full with custom themes for your blog. Businesses create their official websites on WordPress. There’s more that goes into starting a full website.

However, you can make your blog stand out. They offer plugins, domain names, and better SEO. My old blog was easy, and it was fun. I went with the bare-bones approach. You can too. What makes WordPress great is that it offers more. That doesn’t mean you have to use it all. You can still just start your blog.

Get started. All three blogging platforms can be ready within 5 minutes. If you don’t have that time, you shouldn’t blog. Blogging is fun and getting started is easy. Go for it!