Are you ready to take your blog to the highest level? Are you ready to be noticed? If so, these great advanced LinkedIn courses may be for you.

Take these advanced LinkedIn Learning blog courses
Take these advanced LinkedIn Learning blog courses.
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WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields

The great thing about LinkedIn Learning courses is that there’s always a next level. Once you’ve learned the basics of building a WordPress site, now you can take the advanced course.

This course is an hour and a half. It is taught by course developer Joe Casabona. Joe will take you through the more advanced settings of WordPress.

He will teach you about Advanced Custom Fields, working with data, and creating a Gutenberg Block. This knowledge will be useful for those more advanced bloggers looking to make their blog a business.

Google Analytics Essential Training

Learning about Google Analytics will help you get to know your audience. Their age, gender, what time they visit, everything. It’s a great, and free google tool, that will give you information on your visitors.

This advanced LinkedIn course is over 2 hours, and it goes through a lot. The course will take you through the fundamentals first. After this, it will individually explain all the different types of reports you can expect from the program.

This LinkedIn course is for advanced bloggers who are looking for more from their blog. If that’s you, you need to learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics.

Advanced SEO: Developing an SEO Friendly Website

Hopefully, by this point, you’ve already taken a beginner SEO course. This is a very important part of blogging. You should know the basics before going into the advanced LinkedIn Learning course.

This is a great course that is close to 3 hours. It’s longer than a lot of the beginner courses. The reason being that now you’re getting into the nitty-gritty. No more overviews. This is an advanced LinkedIn learning course.

The course is taught by Brad Batesole, who is an expert in many things marketing related. In 6 sections he will take through all the details of optimizing your blog to its fullest potential.

Advanced LinkedIn learning courses are the next step.
Advanced LinkedIn learning courses are the next step.
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After going through these steps, you’re on the right track to developing a great blog. One that many people will have the chance to see. This involves a lot of hard work.

It isn’t just these courses, it’s how you implement the information you’ve learned from the courses. That’s what going to be the deciding factor. Good luck, keep learning, and keep taking great LinkedIn learning courses.