By purchasing LinkedIn Premium, you open up a world of great courses. For new bloggers looking for a step in the right direction, these courses are for you.

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3 Great Beginner Blog Courses on LinkedIn Learning.
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WordPress Essential Training

This LinkedIn course is two-and-a-half hours long and covers everything related to building a WordPress site.

Carrie Dils, the teacher of this LinkedIncourse, is a seasoned freelance developer. She has been helping bloggers and businesses develop sites for over two decades.

The LinkedIn course is broken up into ten sections. She will introduce you to WordPress, then show you how to create content, images, and pages.

There is a small (optional) quiz at the end of each section. Only 2 or 3 questions.

Carrie teaches with a friendly style. This makes it easier, and less intimidating for beginners.

If you feel comfortable, after passing this LinkedIn course, take more. Keep taking courses and continue learning.

Writing a Compelling Blog Post

This is my favorite LinkedIn course. The runtime is just over an hour, so there’s no reason to avoid it.

The instructor is Starshine Roshell, an award-winning journalist, and writing coach. She knows what she’s talking about.

This LinkedIn course is broken into 3 sections. Content, structure, and style. She speaks in detail about the entire process of creating a good blog post.

Do yourself a favor and take this LinkedIn course.

Editing and Proofreading Made Simple

Writer and professor, Erin Rickard, teaches this 38-minute course on editing and proofreading.

As a young blogger, you can sometimes get into the “quantity over quality” mentality. Erin dives into the importance of proofreading and editing.

The course is broken into 3 sections: keys to editing, examples, and frequent mistakes. She will help you improve your self-editing skills.

Your credibility as a blogger is on the line when you don’t pay attention to edits.

blog courses linkedin
These 3 LinkedIn courses are a great place for a blogger to start.
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You can begin with courses that aren’t too long or difficult. This will get you into the rhythm and give you the confidence to keep going. After that, you can take some intermediate courses.

Which LinkedIn course are you going to take?