For all bloggers looking to take their blog to the next level, Udemy has you covered. If you already know the basics, then take these great intermediate courses.

Take these intermediate blog courses on Udemy
Take these intermediate blog courses on Udemy.
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Generate a Successful Business With a Blog and Facebook Page

This intermediate Udemy course is for bloggers who are already consistent in their blogging. It’s also for bloggers who are familiar with WordPress. If that’s not you, you may want to look into a beginner level Udemy course. If this is you, then keep reading.

In this Udemy course, you’ll learn how to make some money through Facebook fan pages. You’ll also learn how to connect your WordPress blog to your Facebook fan page through a step-by-step guide. The course is only about an hour and a half. You’ll be left with several PDF guides to use as you take the next step in your blogging career.

The Essentials of Blog Writing & Content Creating in 2020

The online world is ever changing. It never stops. That’s why you need to stay current. This intermediate Udemy course will show you the bigger picture of blogging. You will learn audience-intent-content-brand-product-SEO interaction as part of an inbound marketing strategy.

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Well, to take your blog to the next level you need to have an inbound marketing strategy. This intermediate Udemy course is under an hour. It won’t take long, but to understand it, you need to have a blog, and some kind of background in blogging.

If You’re Going to Blog, Why Not Make It Awesome!

This intermediate Udemy blog course will teach you to make your blog awesome. The course will show you how to go from no audience to making a $100 a day. This is a straightforward and easy-to-understand course. It will teach you to build an audience. From there, the course will teach you how to form a relationship with them.

Check out these intermediate Udemy courses.
Check out these intermediate Udemy courses.
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Writing your blog is only the first part. What’s going to separate you from the pack is what you do when you’re not blogging. Udemy is the place to go for taking your blog to the next level.

If you feel you’re past the beginner stage, and are ready for something intermediate, then these courses are for you. These intermediate Udemy courses aren’t time consuming, and in the long run, they’ll save you tons of time.