Trying to start a new creative writing blog? Check out these three creative writing blogs by successful writers and learn from the experts.

If you're just starting a new writing blog, these three blogs might help you figure out what to do.
If you’re just starting a new writing blog, these three blogs might help you figure out what to do.
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Writing blogs are an excellent way for unknown authors to make a name for themselves online. However, if you’ve never started a blog before, designing a writing blog may be a confusing process. Being good at writing books doesn’t always translate to being good at writing blog posts.

If this sort of writing doesn’t come naturally to you, it helps to have some guidance. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent authors on the internet who also have great blogs. Check out these three writing blogs and learn from the experts. 

Jane Friedman’s Writing Blog

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Jane Friedman’s Writing Blog.
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Jane Friedman is a veteran of the publishing industry. She’s also the author of several creative nonfiction works. She uses her writing blog to promote her work, which includes a new novel, a guide to getting published, and several essays.

Friedman’s writing blog is also an excellent source of advice for new writers looking to get published. For anyone starting a writing blog, Friedman’s blog is invaluable. For one thing, she offers plenty of brutally accurate advice for writing, marketing, and even blogging.

The blog design works as a template for any author looking to set up their own writing blog. Friedman organizes her posts in a simple but professional way that will be both easy and effective for any new blogger to replicate.

Chuck Wendig: Terrible Minds

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Chuck Wending: Terrible Minds
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Chuck Wendig is the author of several sci-fi and fantasy novels, including Zeroes, Invasive, and the Miriam Black series. He also writes for the blog Terrible Minds

On his blog, Wendig writes about his own projects, as well as other authors and their works. His casual, sarcastic style makes his blog posts enjoyable to read. Terrible Minds is proof that there’s an art to blog writing, just as there’s an art to fiction.

Terrible Minds also has Wendig’s short stories, free to read. For a new author setting up a writing blog, this isn’t a bad idea. If you can hook them in with a small sample of your best work, they’ll want to see more.

The Creative Penn

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The Creative Penn.
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Joanna Penn is the author of several works of nonfiction. She has also written several thrillers under the name JF Penn. Her blog, The Creative Penn, has over a thousand posts on writing. It also has more than 250 hours of audio and video, most of which comes from Penn’s podcast.

Penn’s blog is a testament to the effectiveness of mixing mediums while blogging. Some of the best work the blog has to offer comes from either her podcast or the videos embedded in many of her articles.

For anyone looking to start a blog, it might be a good idea to trying mixing it up. While a well-written blog post can be a work of art, there’s something about hearing a person’s voice or seeing their face that writing can’t replace.

Write Aroono

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Write Aroono.
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Aroono’s writing blog is full of great advice from a variety of authors. If you’re looking for advice on generating story ideas, tips for grammar or style, or secrets about how to get published, Write Aroono has just the thing for you.

You can also check out Aroono’s blogging section if you want to learn more about setting up your own creative writing blog. If you’re just starting a new blog for the first time, this website has plenty of good advice by a variety of seasoned bloggers.

Starting a writing blog can be confusing and difficult, especially if you’re not as internet-savvy as you’d like to be. It may help to do some research and look at other writing blogs for ideas and advice. These four blogs may be an excellent place to start.