Keywords play an enormous part in site ranking and search engine optimization. Therefore, you need to use a blogging tool like Ahrefs for keyword generation. 

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Use a blogging tool like Ahrefs to help you generate keywords and master search engine optimization for your blog.
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Keyword generation is an integral part of blogging and is the best way for new bloggers to increase their site rank. However, coming up with the right set of keywords for each blog post can be quite challenging. That’s why there are blogging tools like Ahrefs out there. You can use this tool to improve your blog’s search engine optimization and improve your site rank.

Reason #1 to Use Ahrefs: Keyword Generation

Many bloggers begin the blogging process by picking a title or topic and then generating keywords to go along with it. For others, coming up with keywords is the first step in the blogging process. Regardless, every blogger will occasionally need some help to generate a list of 3-5 keywords for each blog post they publish. That’s where Ahrefs comes in.

This helpful, low-cost blogging tool can give you pages of keywords to use based on your blogging topic. That’s what’s so unique about this blogging tool. You don’t just get the top 5 or 10 keywords for what you’re searching for; you get a seemingly endless list of potential keywords. With all these unique keyword options, you’ll improve your site ranking and easily tackle search engine optimization.

Reason #2 to Use Ahrefs: Trending Keywords

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Use Ahrefs to pick keywords that are trending to help raise your site ranking.
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Before you write your blog post and implement search engine optimization strategies to increase its performance, you’ll want to know what keywords are trending in your blogging niche. That’s another reason to use Ahrefs as your go-to blogging tool. Ahrefs is continually working around the clock to keep up with which keywords are trending across 10 different search engines, not just Google.

Using trending keywords in your blog post will increase your chances of your blog post going viral. A viral blog post can push your site’s ranking up significantly. This is important if you’re looking to make your blog profitable or building relationships with advertisers. The higher your site ranking, the better investment your blog is for advertisers.

Reason #3 to Use Ahrefs: Blogging Ideas

If you happen to be struggling with writer’s block or feel you’re out of fresh content ideas, use this blogging tool to help find some blogging inspiration. Whatever your blogging niche is, you’ll find a wealth of information from just a quick keyword search on Ahrefs. Plus, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone by finding your blogging topic and list of keywords to improve your site ranking all at the same time from the same blogging tool.

For example, if your blogging niche is health and fitness, you can type either of these two terms into Ahrefs and get a complete list of all the trending keywords. From there, you can see what topics you’ve covered and which ones you have yet to blog on. Then, pick 3-5 keywords that can be used in a single blog post to cover an important topic in the health and fitness blogging niche. It is that easy! You can be ready to write a top-quality blog post that is already ready for search engine optimization in just minutes.

Reason #4 to Use Ahrefs: Worth and Viability of Keywords

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Use Ahrefs to pick unique, profitable keywords for your blog posts.
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Another superb reason to use Ahrefs as your number on blogging tool for raising site ranking and search engine optimization is the value of your keywords. The lengthy list of trending keywords that Ahrefs provides you will also show you what each keyword is worth. For those who are blogging for business or blogging for profit, this is an enormous factor. You don’t want to focus only on using popular keywords. You want keywords that will help you increase your revenue.

Ahrefs also allows users to see what keywords their top competitors are using, which helps make your mark and enter the blogging industry as a new blogger. You don’t want to use keywords that your competitors already use and have made their cornerstone with search engine optimization. You want to choose your own set of unique and money-making keywords to improve your site ranking.

With blogging tools that raise your site ranking, there are plenty of options out there. However, few give you the detailed and helpful keyword analytics that Ahrefs does. You can use this blogging tool to improve search engine optimization for just $99. A 7-day trial for Ahrefs will cost you $7.