Your headline should stand out from every other headline. Be specific. Be bold. Catchy headlines are the first thing your audience will see. Make yours count.

Catchy headlines will stop audiences in their tracks.
Catchy headlines will stop audiences in their tracks.
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1. Use Keywords

Catchy, Headline, Audience
Use Keywords.
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Catchy. Headlines. Keywords are essential in headlines. They grab attention. Tell your audience what you’re blogging about in a few words.

What would grab your attention? Unbelievable. Top secret. Giveaway. These are catchy words. They’ll make great headlines. The more attention catching words you can fit into your headline, the better.

2. Keep Headlines Short

Catchy, Headline, Audience
Keep Headlines Short.
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My attention span will last a good 3-6 words. Then I’m moving on. Don’t let your audience move on. To-the-point headlines are catchy headlines.

You won’t catch my attention with ‘Check out our recent arrivals. They are in-store today only!’ You will catch attention with ‘New Arrivals! Today ONLY!‘ The shorter the headline, the catchier.

3. Keep It Specific to Your Audience

Catchy, Headline, Audience
Keep It Specific to Your Audience.
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Now that you’ve got your keywords, you can keep your headline specific to your blog. What are you writing about? Don’t generalize a subject. I won’t search for ‘dog care,’ but I will search for ‘How to trim my dog’s nails.’

Keep your headline specific. That’s how you’ll get more views. You’ll be at the top of the page for ‘How to trim your dog’s nails,’ instead of back on page 27 in ‘dog care’.

4. Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions

Catchy, Headline, Audience
Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions.
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You’ve got to make your audience feel something. Sadness. Humor. Joy. Anything’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with guilting your readers just a little.

You’re our only hope! Help us Save the Bees!

Make it impossible for them to scroll past your headline. Your headline should be catchy and emotional! That will skyrocket your page views. Keep it specific, short and full of keywords. That’s a catchy headline!