Your blog’s name is the first thing viewers see. They will decide at that moment if your blog’s brand fits their needs. Create a catchy brand name that represents your blog and your content. 

Create a blog name that will catch the viewer's attention right away.
Create a blog name that will catch the viewer’s attention right away.
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1. Represent Your Brand

The name you choose should capture what your viewers will see. Think of popular places. Ulta Beauty. Taco Bell. Home Depot. These places describe their brand in their name, so you know what to expect from them. It’s not a terrible idea to do that with your blog name, especially when you’re just starting out.

Tell your viewers what your brand is, but you don’t have to be obvious about it. If your blog is about vineyards, you might not want to name your blog Grape Stompers. This unappetizing name won’t help you. A vineyard is an elegant brand, so consider something like Wineta Tours, or Vinoly Cellars. These names hint at your brand and draw viewers in. 

To generate names for your blog’s brand, visit a business name generator like Namelix. This will help you create ideas for your brand and design a blog name that will grab the viewer’s attention. 

2. Keep It Short

The Company of Candles and Light doesn’t roll off the tongue the way Lamply does. If it takes over 2 seconds to read your blog name, I’m moving on. Keep it simple and sweet. You want to entice your viewers enough to visit your blog, but don’t want to create a name they won’t take the time to read. 

Always keep your viewers in mind. If you were looking for a blog about lighting, what type of name would you look for? SparklightDimmer? Try to create a blog name between 1-3 words long. Anything more than that might turn viewers away. 

Make your blog name catchy enough to stand out to viewers in a crowd.
Make your blog name catchy enough to stand out to viewers in a crowd.
Photo by Rohan on Unsplash

3. Make It Stand Out

You want your blog’s name to be unique. If your name sounds too much like a popular blog name, you’ve just ruined your blog’s chances of standing out. Make it different from all of your competitors. This can also come in with your logo

If your viewers are looking at a collage of blog names, what will make your blog pop from the rest? Be creative with your blog’s name. It needs to represent your blog, but it also needs to appeal to your viewers. That’s how you’ll make it stand out. Make it so different that your viewers do a double-take.

4. Get Feedback

Just because you think you have an impressive name, doesn’t mean your viewers will respond to it. You need feedback. Your friends and family are the best places to get that feedback. You want to create a blog name that entices your audience, so your friends and family are the best places to start. They’ll give you the no-holds-barred advice you need to be successful.

Once you have a few ideas for your brand, you can get opinions from your viewers. It’ll be easier to narrow down your already-vetted blog names based on viewer feedback. If you create a blog name with their input in mind, it will mean even more to them. Make a poll to send out, or ask around.

All the names generated throughout this article were created with Namelix. If you want to create some catchy names for your brand, check out this generator. Let us know if you have any additional tips for creating catchy blog names in the comments below.