Whether you’ve taken a few weeks or months off, it’s time for your blogging hiatus to end. Your return will require motivation, inspiration, goals, and more. 

A woman stands in front of a forest, seemingly gathering motivation and inspiration from the nature around her.
Use this guide to make your return to blogging after a hiatus.
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Everyone in the blogging community and industry has taken time away from blogging. Whether planned or unplanned, it’s challenging to return to regular blogging after a hiatus. You may lack motivation, inspiration, and have no real blogging goals. Use these tips to make a triumphant return to blogging after a long or short hiatus.

Return from Hiatus Tip #1: Start Small

Some bloggers come back from a blogging hiatus ready to take on the world. You may be full of ideas, inspiration, motivation, and tons of drive. However, coming back full force will lead to blogging burn out down the line. So when you’re planning your return to blogging following a hiatus, you need to take things one small step at a time. Don’t rush right back into blogging 4 or 5 times a week.

Instead, slowly get back into the rhythm of blogging. Find new sources of blogging motivation and tap into finding new inspiration in your everyday life. Returning to blogging after a hiatus can be tough. So, there’s nothing wrong with taking things at a relaxed pace. The more slowly you ease back into blogging, the more successful your return will be.

Return from Hiatus Tip #2: Make Realistic Goals

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Make goals for yourself to make your return after a blogging hiatus easier.
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Before you went on your planned (or unplanned) blogging hiatus, you most likely had several blogging goals that kept you motivated to blog consistently. That’s good to hear. However, those old goals will not help with your recent return to blogging. They were probably very well thought out and perfect targets for you when they were made, but now you’re at a new starting point in your blogging. You need to make new goals.

Your new blogging goals need to be realistic. Don’t shoot for the moon or aim for a goal you know isn’t within your capabilities in this present moment. Instead, make goals that you can reach within the foreseeable future. Achieving and surpassing these new blogging goals will motivate you to continue to blog after you return from your hiatus. Remember not to be too hard on yourself if you fall short, or you take longer to reach your goals than you had initially expected.

Return from Hiatus Tip #3: Make Time and a Schedule

It won’t be easy to make a proper return from your blogging hiatus if you don’t have any time or a tentatively written schedule. So, first things first, you need to see if you have the time right now to fit blogging into your busy life. Take into account what may have caused you to go on your blogging hiatus. Was time an issue? Have you gotten busier since you first took your hiatus?

The answers to these and other questions will help you determine if now really is the best time to end your hiatus and make your return to blogging. If you feel you have the time to dedicate to returning to blogging, you need to implement some schedule. It doesn’t have to be specific or rigid—just a general idea of what days and times of day you plan to set aside for blogging. If possible, post a handful of blog posts a week during the first month of your return.

Return from Hiatus Tip #4: Preparation

Scrabble tiles spell out the word "Plan," which is something you need to do when preparing to come back from your blog hiatus.
To return successfully from a blogging hiatus, you need to prepare and have a plan.
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Preparation is vital in readying yourself for your tremendous and timely return to blogging. During your hiatus, you didn’t have to worry about blogging schedules, analytics, SEO, keywords, blog formatting, motivation, inspiration, etc. Now, it’s back to reality and taking these blogging factors into account. It can seem very daunting and scary at first. However, with a little preparation, your return to blogging after a hiatus can be a smooth transition.

You can prepare for your return by vowing not to be too hard on yourself or expect perfection. If you into your return with this attitude, you’ll get stressed out from the very start. Second, you’ll want to go into your return from hiatus with a list of potential blogging topics. This list can serve as both your motivation and inspiration to return to blogging. As you go throughout your return, continue to brainstorm regularly to have an inventory of ready to go topics.

Returning to regular blogging after a brief or long hiatus can feel impossible. However, it’s doable with these tips. Take things slowly at first, so you don’t burn out or run out of motivation. Find inspiration everywhere when you’re struggling. Believe in yourself and your return to blogging.