Include a call-to-action that supports a worthy cause. Your viewers will appreciate the initiative to make a change. Here are 4 ways to create a call-to-action that supports a noble cause.

Create a call-to-action in your blog to encourage your viewers to get out and support something that matters.
Create a call-to-action in your blog to encourage your viewers to get out and support something that matters.
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Why Do You Need to Create a Call-to-Action?

Many people want to help make our world a better place, but don’t know where to start. Your viewers are no exception. Create a call-to-action that allows them to take that first step. In times of crisis, we need a push. Someone to tell us what we can do to help. Let your blog be the first to create the call-to-action people respond to.

Recently, in my Michigan hometown, two of our dams broke. The impact of the water washed away a community of houses. It happened in the matter of a day, and no one knew what to do. My friends lost everything. They were searching for living arrangements and any trace of memories left in the flood’s aftermath.

Luckily, a few people stepped up and created a Facebook group called ‘Sanford Strong.’ It was on that Facebook group that our community organized clean-up efforts, raised donations, and got people in touch with their lost boats, memories, and even houses. Without those initial call-to-actions, our town would not be doing as it is today.

A call to action is essential. It could change someone’s life. Be the blog that creates a movement to change our world. If your call-to-action reaches even one person who creates a change, it was worth the effort.

1. Create a Link to a Donation Page

A simple way to support a call-to-action is through donations. It doesn’t require physical labor or scheduling efforts. It’s a simple transaction on your phone. Research donations pages that need extra support and create a link to it in your blog.

When you link to a donation page, make sure you tell your viewers what they are supporting. Your viewers won’t want to give money away without being sure they are supporting a good cause. You could also suggest reasonable donation amounts around $10, $20, and $50 for your viewers to consider. It’s a simple yet effective call-to-action.

The #ReliefMidland Flood Relief Project Fund provides flood relief throughout Midland County, including those in Sanford, Bullock Creek, and the City of Midland. 

2. Direct Your Viewers to Upcoming Events

In a crisis, there will be volunteer opportunities or even protests as a call-to-action. In today’s climate, I’m sure we have seen both. Viewers might not be sure where to go to get involved with these efforts. Find some upcoming events that your viewers would support and link the events in your blog.

Send out information in your newsletter to viewers or create a calendar with upcoming events. Make the call-to-action easy for your viewers to find. You can even link your blog to pages like UNICEF that coordinates volunteer efforts across the globe. It will be an excellent call-to-action for your viewers to support.

Your viewers will appreciate the call-to-action that supports a good cause.
Your viewers will appreciate the call-to-action that supports a good cause.
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

3. Find Products that Support a Cause

If your viewers can’t get out and volunteer or donate, appeal to them differently. There are many products today that support important causes. Businesses now create products to support causes exclusively. That’s a fantastic call-to-action.

Appeal to your viewers through their shopping instincts. It will help support a cause and support a business. Just create a link to their products on your blog for viewers to find. A call-to-action through shopping still counts as a call-to-action.

Products that Support Important Causes with a Call-to-Action

  • 4Ocean Bracelets – Removing plastic and trash from oceans, rivers and coastlines
  • MABLE – For every toothbrush you buy, they give one to a child in need
  • FAZL – 50% of their sock sales go to orphaned children
  • Hand-in-Hand Soap – For every bar of soap you buy, they give one a child in Haiti

4. Educate Your Viewers

One of the most important things you can do is educate your viewers. It’s a subtle call-to-action that shows them what’s going on in our world. It’s essential to understand the facts, so false information doesn’t spread.

Find trusted resources that have supported facts and figures to educate your viewers on important causes. Once you inform your viewers, encourage them to do more research on their own, or create a link to a company that offers donations, or volunteer opportunities.

Share your articles on social media to spread your call-to-action with more viewers. Create a call-to-action that supports an important cause. Your viewers will see that call-to-action and help you on your road to supporting movements and making our world a better place.

That’s it for our list of calls-to-action. Let us know what important causes your call-to-action would support in the comments below. We would love to hear about more important causes that we can support!