Having a blog is the perfect opportunity to sell some products. Figuring out where to start can be tricky. Here are 4 simple ways to sell your own products on your blog. 

A tiny shopping cart full of make-up is the perfect way to sell a product on a blog.
Your blog is the perfect place to sell some product. Get your viewers excited about your merchandise.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

What Kind of Products Are We Talking About?

When you sell your products on your blog, make sure your viewers want to buy that product. Don’t put together a shop of expensive organic toothbrushes that no one will buy. Choose a product that makes sense for your blog and your viewers.

I would encourage you to get feedback from your viewers. Write an article on your blog explaining your upcoming products and see what kind of reaction you get. If your viewers are excited and express intent to buy that product, go right ahead. If you receive a lot of negative feedback, you might need to find a more unique product.

1. Add a Shop Page

The easiest way to sell your products is by adding an extra page to your blog, called the ‘shop.’ It doesn’t interfere with anything you’ve already added. It’s just a fun addition! Hold a grand opening for your new shop with product teasers, social media marketing, and giveaways. It will be the perfect introduction to your products.

Your shop page should match your blog’s theme, with pictures of your product and reasonable prices. If you’re selling clothing, include a size chart and offer an array of sizes. Design your shop uniquely to attract viewers to your one-of-a-kind products.

2. Link Your Products in Your Articles

If you’re already selling your products in a precise place, you don’t need to create a ‘shop’ page. Instead, link your articles to your existing shop. If you’re writing an article about ‘newly released cars’ and you sell customized seat covers, link your product in the article. It adds excellent content and benefits your products.

It’s a simple way to self-promote and create a buzz around your products. If your viewers are looking at your article about cars, they are interested in car products. Your product has a better chance of selling mentioned in that article. Don’t link your products in an article that has no connection. Instead, write articles about your products, and include reviews from product users.

The size chart to sell this knee-length brown coat is a brilliant tool for selling products online.
Online shopping has blown up recently. It’s the perfect time to sell your products on your blog.
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

3. Give Your Products a Twist

Let’s say your blog is about gardening. You’ve opened a gardening shop on your blog with everyday gardening items, but no one’s shopping for your products. How are you going to get your viewer’s attention? Make your products unique from every other gardening product with a twist.

One of your products might be flower pots. It’s not original. Every gardening store sells flower pots. What if your flower pots resembled houses or famous landmarks? Maybe they change color in the sun? You need to find the unique characteristic that makes your products stand out.

Your twist doesn’t have to be in the products. It could come from marketing. Your blog only discusses gardening, and you’ve gained a fan base. Add the ‘Gardening Blog Clogs’ to your shop. Post videos on your blog discussing gardening in your trademark clogs. Why should viewers shop for their own pair of clogs? It’s a fun twist that’s different and unique. Your fanbase will shop for their own pair of ‘Gardening Blog Clogs’ to support you and your blog.

4. Sales Always Sell

If you want to grab your viewer’s attention, host a sale. “Buy one, get one” and “half-off everything” are phrases that viewers flock to. Make a big announcement on your blog that Saturday is officially sale day. You will mark down your products for a limited time. Use keywords like ‘need,’ ‘one day only,’ and ‘exclusive’ to create a sense of urgency.

The sale will bring the viewers to shop for your products, but your products’ quality and uniqueness should get them to stay. You need that initial sale to show them why they need to become lifelong customers.

Do you have any tips for selling your products on your blog? If so, let us know in the comments below.