Writing blogs are a great place to find a community of like-minded people. If you enjoy writing, follow these writing blogs. They will leave you inspired.

writing blogs to follow
Following writing blogs are excellent tools to hone your craft.
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Many writers struggle with writer’s block. It is often difficult to keep writing. That’s when you should turn to your writing community for inspiration.

Writing blogs inspire you. They give you ideas and help you grow as a writer. Follow these 5 writing blogs and watch your ideas flow.

Writing Blog #1: Grammar Girl

This is an excellent blog to follow if you struggle with grammar. It’s not only informative but also entertaining.

Grammar Girl will give you a bunch of quick tips to improve your work. This blog provides so much information. It covers everything from grammar myths to the history of the spelling bee.

Writing Blog #2: The Book Designer

If you want to write for a living, this is the blog to follow. Joel Friedlander provides insightful information on publishing. He also provides marketing tips, writing tips, and publishing tips.

If you are a blogger who would someday like to be an author, this is a great blog to follow. It’s also a useful blog to follow to get some marketing and writing tips.

Writing Blog #3: Ann Kroeker’s Blog

Ann Kroeker is an author and a writing coach. Her blog is informative. She offers brilliant advice about the writing life.

She offers a ton of resources to help you become a prolific writer. Being prolific is very important in this profession.

You’ll love this. She even offers one-on-one coaching sessions. Her blog is chock-full of resources.

Writing Blog #4: C.S. Lakin’s Live Write Thrive

C.S. Lakin is an author, editor, and writing coach. Her knowledge is invaluable.

She will help you establish scenes that feel grounded. She will also help you master character development.

You will want to have entertaining posts that draw in your reader. They should have at least one entertaining character.

Writing Blog #5: Every Writer

Richard Edwards provides many helpful tools for writers. His blog can help you build your own website or your own literary magazine.

These skills are very marketable in this industry. You’ll definitely want to master the art of building your own website if you want to start a blog.

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, this blog is the cure! It provides many helpful insights to remedy this very frustrating condition.

Writing can help you make sense of heartbreak, loss, and pain. It can help you express gratitude, excitement and love.

Blogging can inspire others to live their best lives. They might look for ways to hone their craft. They might look for spiritual inspiration or dietary help.

Whatever the case is, your blog will make a vast difference in many lives. You will touch people’s hearts with your words.

I hope these blogs inspire you. Let me know what you think!