Being a blogger can sometimes get lonely. But it doesn’t have to. You can join any of these 5 blogging communities today and reach out to like-minded people.

blogging community recommend
Yes, we do. Bloggers, assemble.
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1. Global Blogger Network Community on LinkedIn

With over 20,000 members, this group is an excellent place for bloggers of all skill levels. Members can share their posts, network, and ask questions.

Today, I found a helpful article on SEO tools, a user asking for a guest writer, and a job post.

All you need is a LinkedIn account to join this blogging community.

If you have an account, an excellent resource is already on the palm of your hand.

2. Blogging SEO Content Guest Posting Community on Facebook

As the name states, this community focuses on Search Engine Optimization.

This blog has a neat “Find a Mentor” section where you can talk with a digital marketing expert for extra help.

This community is also a forum for guest posters. Some bloggers will pay you to write for their site, which is a major bonus I recommend.

I recommend this blogging community if you want your blog to become successful.

With 37,000+ members, you’re guaranteed to walk away with excellent SEO insight.

blogging community recommend
Great blogging communities make for great bloggers!
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3. Write Better, Blog Better Community on Facebook

If you have a case of writer’s block then I recommend joining this community.

They share writing prompts and inspiration if you’re struggling to produce content.

Like the previous blogging community, this one has a “Find a Mentor” feature. Over time, as your confidence grows, you can even become a mentor!

Superb work, grasshopper.

4. Blogging Newbs Community on Facebook

Ignore the cringe name, and trust me on this one. I recommend that all beginner bloggers join this community.

This is one of my favorites because they have themed posts. For example, Thursday is social media day and Tuesday is free promo day.

I like the structure and organization of this group. It doesn’t long to find what you’re looking for.

Its 26,000+ members are very active too, so your comment won’t get buried in the mix. I highly recommend this community.

blogging community recommend
I recommend blogging communities that lift their writers up!
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5. #writingcommunity on Twitter

This community differs from the others because it’s actually a hashtag. Still, you’ll find a supportive space for writers. There’s nothing better than that.

Editors will sometimes open submissions in this thread. If all goes well, Twitter can help you become published.

Include your site in your author bio to generate more traffic. Finish by patting yourself on the back for getting published yet again.

Look at you go! You have so many opportunities to explore within your writing community.

Which blogging community interests you the most?