A blog portfolio plays a crucial role in showcasing your blogging skills and work. It can also lead to you receiving more blogging job opportunities. Here are 5 reasons you need to develop your blog portfolio.

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Your blog portfolio will help with getting more blogging job opportunities.
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1. Your Blog Portfolio Can Lead to Job Opportunities

When it comes time for you to apply for your dream blogging job, having a blog portfolio will come in handy. Your blog portfolio will show a prospective employer just how much blogging experience you have. It’s also an impressive way to showcase your unique skills and open the door for more job opportunities.

Your portfolio is a simple way for companies or employers to see what blogging niches and topics you have experience writing in. Employers will like that they can go through your blog portfolio and have access to all your past blogging work.

2. A Blog Portfolio is Easy to Make

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A blogging portfolio is an effortless way to show off your blogging work and skills to employers.
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Building your blog portfolio can be much easier than even making a simple resume. Plus, there are a wide variety of different free platforms out there to help you build your blog portfolio. It’s all up to you and the specific layout you want your blog portfolio to have. Paying a fee for your blog portfolio doesn’t always make it better.

Most free blog portfolios platforms have you create an account, link your social media handles, link any personal blog website(s) you have, and then start uploading your past and current blogging work. Uploading is simple. Just open up a browser tab with your article or blog post. Then, copy and paste the link to your blog post into your blog portfolio.

3. Your Blog Portfolio Showcases Your Blogging Skills

Your blog portfolio allows you to show off all of your various blogging skills and talents. In fact, with every piece of content you add to your blog portfolio, you can list the specific skills you used to create the blog post. This will help to set you apart when applying for blogging jobs or job opportunities in the writing field.

Remember to treat your blog portfolio with the same seriousness that you would your resume. Don’t mass upload content to make your portfolio bigger and appear more impressive. Only include blogging work that is top quality, gone through an editor, published online, and you feel comfortable having future employers read.

4. Your Blog Portfolio Adds to Your Resume

When you’re getting ready to apply for blogging work and take advantage of job opportunities, your portfolio and resume should help you. Preferably, you would have your resume written and ready to go before tackling your blog portfolio. This way, you know exactly where you need to go to upload your work to your blog portfolio.

The nice thing about your blog portfolio is that it will organize your work by the clients or employers who have accepted your pieces. This organization is a superb way for you to expand upon the work history listed on your resume. When possible, only include positions on your resume that also have work included in your blog portfolio.

5. Your Blog Portfolio Will Be Timeless

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Your blog portfolio is a timeless representation of your blogging work and skills.
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Because your blog portfolio is online, it’s there to stay as long as you want. Which, for passionate bloggers who are always hunting for fresh job opportunities, should be forever. Since your blog portfolio is online, you can update it any time you have work published.

Be sure to update your blogging portfolio frequently with any recent work you’ve done. These frequent updates will show how active you are to prospective employers. The more up to date your portfolio is, the better you’ll do in the blogging job application process.

Make your blog portfolio today to open yourself up to exciting blogging job opportunities and work. Your portfolio is a great way to display your blogging skills and work, plus they’re easy to make. Let us know how a blog portfolio has helped you!