Viewers like to feel involved with your blog, like you created it just for them. There are many ways to make your blog interactive. Here are 5 that are sure to do the trick.

A man sits with a cup of coffee, looking at his tablet and reading the blog on his screen.
Interactive blogs draw in more viewers.
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

1. Polls/ Quizzes

To create content that fits your viewer’s needs, you need to know what they’re looking for. The easiest way to do that is through a poll. Find out more about your viewers. See what they’re interested in. Your page views will skyrocket once you create content directly for them, and your viewers will feel important too.

Quizzes add excitement into your blog! Find out where you should live based on your favorite foods? What pet should you get next? Quizzes make the viewers feel like they matter. They’ll share it with their friends to compare results and your page views will soar.

2. Blog Chat

Chats are a great interactive tool that allows your viewers to come together as a community. Whether the chat is between the blogger and the viewer, or a community of viewers, it makes them feel important.

Chat also allows viewers to establish connections. Set-up an interactive chat room where viewers can have questions answered, random discussions, and private chat. It’s the perfect interactive tool to add some buzz to your blog.


The ability to leave comments should be on your blog already, because it’s included in most blog set-ups. It give viewers the opportunity to give their views on your articles. You should always reply to your viewer’s comments so they feel heard and validated.

If your viewers see that you reply, it gives you a leg up. They know you care about their feedback and will become more interested in reading your articles. Always include a comment system on your blog.

A woman is looking at her phone while she also has her laptop open, scrolling an interactive blog that has taken her attention away from her computer.
Interactive blogs are sure to attract more viewers than those that don’t go the extra mile.
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4. Personalization

Personalize your newsletter to include your viewer’s name at the top. Consider adding member perks that directly address your viewer and allow them special rewards. Anything you can add in your blog that makes you viewers feel that you are acknowledging them is important.

Interaction doesn’t always have to obvious. Personalization is a subtle detail that means a lot. If your blog has a viewer spotlight each week that puts a dedicated viewer in your newsletter or article, you will now have that viewer’s loyalty for life. One viewer a week adds up fast.

5. Viewer Feedback

Include a spot on your blog that allows viewers to submit feedback. If something’s not working for them, you need to know and address it. It’s important to hear their concerns because it shows you care and will make changes that help them.

Your viewers’ feedback might be the answer you’re looking for. You stare at your blog day and night; they see it from a unique perspective. Those fresh eyes might find a flaw, or better yet, an idea that boosts your blog’s page views.