Now that you’ve created your blog, you need to get the word out. How are you going to do that? Consider using one of these 7 social media sites to help you market your blog.

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It’s important to market your blog on social media. That’s where you’ll get most of your views.
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1. YouTube

We often pass over YouTube when thinking about marketing our blogs. It’s one of the biggest social media platforms out there, with ads playing before every few videos. Why can’t one of those ads be yours?

“Most businesses start with at least $10 per day for local campaigns.”

You only pay when a viewer watches your ad for at least 30 seconds or engages with it. It’s a marketing tool that’s worth the price. Check out how Missouri Star Quilt Co. used YouTube ads to build their business.

2. Twitter

“Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery.”

That’s the first thing you see when you visit Twitter’s business page. Through hashtags, retweets, and buzzing topics, you can efficiently market your blog with the latest trends in mind. Unlike many other social media platforms, Twitter happens in real-time.

Once you tweet about your blog, people will see it immediately. It isn’t the social media platform where you have to wait weeks to see a growth in page views. It’s immediate. If you’re considering buying ad space for your blog, visit Twitter’s business page.

3. TikTok

TikTok might not seem like the social media tool for marketing your blog, but it is. This social media platform has exploded. Viewers spend hours a day on this site. The company Guess launched a marketing campaign on TikTok and saw their company grow before their eyes. Your blog could be next.

In-feed ads keep viewers engaged without realizing they’re watching an ad. It’s the perfect way to market your blog. You get 60 seconds to market your blog. Make it count. If you’re interested in purchasing ad space with TikTok, visit TikTok‘s business page.

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When you market your blog on social media, it will spread fast.
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4. Facebook Ad

Consider buying ad space on Facebook. It’s a large social media platform that can get word of your blog out fast. One ad on Facebook can quickly skyrocket your blog views. 1.66 billion users are active on Facebook every day. If a small percentage of those viewers see your advertisement, your blog could double in views.

Facebook IQ gives you insights on what viewers are looking for. You can use this information to follow the latest trends and market content that viewers want to see. Still have doubts? Check out this social media success story from Airbnb that shows how crucial a Facebook ad can be.

5. Instagram

1 billion Instagram accounts are active every day.

This is a social media platform you can’t afford to skip. Create an Instagram account for your blog and market away. Your ability to market on Instagram comes down to three things. Pictures, captions, and stories. You need crisp images, to-the-point captions, and fun stories.

If you’re looking for tips on successfully marketing your blog on Instagram, visit Hydroflask’s Instagram success story. It tells you about Instagram ads and creating an eye-catching story. These are great resources for marketing your blog and using social media in creative ways.

An unlocked phone showing the icons of many popular social media apps and marketing opportunities, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Use social media to your advantage. Market as much as you can.
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6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for marketing to business-driven individuals. According to LinkedIn, it only takes three steps to create your blog’s ad campaign. First, create your campaign manager account, determine your aim and, finally, launch your campaign. It’s simple.

LinkedIn has twice the buying power of average web audiences. – LinkedIn Business

You’re marketing to professionals. Social media like LinkedIn is a brilliant opportunity to build page views. Keep this social media platform in mind when you’re deciding where to market your blog.

7. Pinterest

83% of weekly US pinners have made a purchase based on pins from brands.

For our last social media platform to market on, we have Pinterest. This is an audience that’s looking for ideas. Market to them. Show them they need your blog.

Check out the success stories of companies that bought ad space on PinterestLitJoy Crate sold so many products, they ran out of inventory. It’s proven to work, so why not join? Market your blog on this popular social media platform to build page views and keep the ads spreading.

Did we miss any social media platforms? Let us know what type of platforms you market to, and where to find the best ads in the comments below!