Any of these media elements will increase your blog traffic dramatically. Follow these tips and you will stay ahead of the game!

All 7 types of media are available to you.
All 7 types of media are available to you.
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You Need to Use These 7 Visual Media Types in Your Blog

1. Images

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Images are one of the most important types of media today.
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Images act as the mousetrap for today’s blogs. They grab people’s attention right away. You need to use this type of media! It’s the first thing viewers will see.

If you’re blogging about airplanes, use a picture of an airplane. Simple enough! It will increase the traffic to your blog dramatically. Be careful you don’t overuse images though! They should compliment the story, not overpower it.

2. Video

Today, video is a social media goldmine. YouTube. TikTok. Netflix. People flock to these sites. Why not take advantage of it? It brings a massive curb appeal to your blog.

Why explain how your dog ran into the window when you can show it? Turn on your smart phone, hit record and get ready to upload. It’s not that hard to do. It’s a win-win situation.

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Think of YouTube, TikTok or even Netflix. Videos are the future.
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3. Gifs

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GIFS are the perfect mix of images and videos.
Eadweard Muybridge – Descriptive Zoopraxography, or the Science of Animal Locomotion made Popular

GIFs, a mix of video and picture, bring blogs to life. These little nuggets of gold create movement on the page and break up text. They’re just as good as an image, if not better.

Consider using a GIF as your choice of media next time you want to spice up your article. There are a ton of GIFS that are just waiting to be in your blog.

4. Audio

Audio may not be a type of visual media, but it’s one of the most important media types we have. Podcasts are on the rise. Music has always been a brilliant tool. Use them in your blog.

The best part about audio is that we can listen to it almost anywhere. In the car. In the shower. During a run. If your readers are struggling to find time to read or watch your content, this could be the next best option for you.

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Vent. Ramble on. Yell if you have to. Use this type of media in your blog.
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5. Charts

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Pie Charts, Tables, Graphs. Oh my.
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For all of you entrepreneurs out there, this one’s for you. Sharing statistics with your clients can be bland. No one wants to look at 10 pages of numbers. They’ll fall asleep on page 2. Trust me. I’ve been there. Add media to your blog!

Charts are a way of taking those boring numbers and making them interesting. I want to see pie charts, not paragraphs. I’m not alone in this either. Your clients are taking a stand. They’re done with your boring reports. Spice it up!

6. Presentations

Power point. Keynote. Prezi. These types of online presentation tools can save you tons of time. Instead of presenting a single presentation 100 times over, post it on your blog.

That way, your audience can watch it as many times as they want. They’ll get the information easily. Include images, video, charts and other types of media in your one-of-a-kind presentation.

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You can combine all 7 media types in your presentation.
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7. Color

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Color can influence the way you see a blog.
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Color is the simplest, yet most effective type of media here. Every color has a different meaning. Our brains recognize that. A distinct color across your blog can bring in more viewers.

This is an important way to market yourself and your blog. Colors are the quickest way to bring your blog together, cohesively. It will bring your blog to the next level. Use it. Connect to your audience through a simple type of media.