Pinterest is an excellent platform for promoting your blog, but it can be a little confusing at first. Here are a few tips to get you started on Pinterest.

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Pinterest is a great platform for promoting your blog!
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Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your blog. Even if you hate using it, it’s the fastest and most effective way to make sure people see your blog without searching for it first. And, as we know, the more people see your blog, the more those people become readers.

The nice thing about using different social media platforms is each one serves a unique purpose. Facebook is good for forming groups and reconnecting with people you knew in high school. Twitter is useful for threads, hashtags, and starting arguments with strangers. Instagram is good for selfies. Pinterest, on the other hand, is suitable for sharing links and catching your audience’s attention with exciting graphics.

If you’re trying to promote your blog on Pinterest, here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Create a Pin on Pinterest

The principal form of promotion on Pinterest is using pins. Pins are vertical images that include a title and sometimes a link. You can also add a small caption, although most pins stick to the image and the link.

Unlike tweeting or making posts on Facebook, pins on Pinterest don’t allow you to talk for too long. At best, you can squeeze in a small caption next to the image for each pin. Meaning the image must make an impression on your viewers. It’s your primary tool for getting their attention!

If you need inspiration for Pin images, you could try looking at one of these royalty-free image websites. You could also try starting an account on Canva. Their website lets you make your own images and graphics.

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Boards are a great way to compile all your work!
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Creating Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest also allows you to create boards (or collections) of your pins mixed in with pins from others you’ve saved on Pinterest. Boards can be an impressive way to organize your social media promotion. You can organize your pins into different categories based on time or theme.

Bundling your pins into a collection can also be useful in promoting your blog. If you organize your pins by theme, you can create a general topic that’s easy for a new reader to search for. Besides, putting all your pins together on one board means potential readers can see all of them at once.

You can also create joint boards. To create a joint board, you must create a new board and invite a friend to help you build it. If you’re sharing a blog with more than one writer, this can be an excellent way to combine your social media efforts to benefit both of you with mutual publicity.

Getting Followers on Pinterest

As with any social media platform, you’ll need followers to get attention on Pinterest. Also, as with any social media, an excellent way to attract followers is to follow other people. Networking is key to any social media presence!

Try looking for boards that correspond to your blog niche and see who is following them. This research will help you figure out who you should be following. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to find interesting new articles related to your niche, which can be handy if you’re out of ideas.

Being prolific is another suitable way to build your follower base. If you want to create a substantial audience, you’ll regularly and frequently have to be on Pinterest. Posting original content is also essential. Repinning other people’s pins may help you grab their attention, but it may not do much in the long run.

A message that says "the only way to do great work is to love what you do" surrounded by different pictures of plants and dogs. Included to show the type of image Pinterest users could use to showcase their blog.
A pretty picture like this will draw viewers to your Pin for sure.
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Keeping Your Social Media Platforms Connected

Another feature of Pinterest, or lack thereof, is you can’t start a conversation there. Like Instagram, it’s mostly a visual medium. You can use it to distribute links or draw attention to your blog with images, but you can’t start a fight in the comments or reply to someone’s thread.

It helps to keep your social media platforms connected so you can get the best of both worlds. You want to include links to your other social media in all of your profiles. Every so often, try sharing links from your other social media platforms. It’ll help you keep all of your promotional efforts connected without having to stick to just one platform.

Pinterest can be a great way to get people’s attention and direct their attention to your other platforms. Combine some bright, attractive images with links to your blog or your other social media profiles to catch their attention.

Pinterest is an excellent social media platform to use to boost your blog posts. Catch your viewer’s interest with a unique photo and get them to visit your blog to read your full post. Soon you’ll have regular readers from Pinterest in no time!