If you’ve just started using social media to promote your blog, it may disappoint you to see stagnant page views. If you’re having this problem, here are some mistakes you may need to fix with your social media marketing.

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How to use social media when you’re not good at it.
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Social Media Mistake #1: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Once you’ve set up the social media page for your blog, you’ll need to provide content related to your blog. If you just set up the page or put the link in your profile, nobody’s going to notice you. They might, at best, click on the link out of curiosity, but it’s unlikely that they’ll do more than that.

If you’re going to put your blog on social media, you have to keep a consistent flow of blog content, so your followers don’t forget you’re there. Try to share your blog posts every few days, at least, and make sure your best blog posts are getting attention.

Social Media Mistake #2: Waiting for People to Come to You

This mistake comes to you, courtesy of a dear friend of mine, not long after posting my new articles on Facebook and Twitter. As I’ve made very clear in other articles, I do not like social media. When I first started using it, I shared my blog posts, made some flippant comment about hard it had been to research that blog post, and then that was it.

According to my friend, this was a big mistake. Social media relationships, like “real” relationships, need to be reciprocated to be maintained. When you do your morning routine of sharing recent blog posts, try to spend a little more time on social media. Reblog a few funny memes or tell your friend how nice they look in their latest selfie. If you pay attention to the people around you they’ll be more likely to pay attention back.

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Make connections that matter through social media.
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Social Media Mistake #3: Marketing to the Wrong Crowd

Of course, no matter how much you pay attention to other people, it’s challenging to get an actual reader-base unless they’re interested in what you’re saying. Your blog might get a few clicks from your family or friends who want to support you, but it’ll be difficult to create a consistent, decent-sized reader-base unless you’re marketing to the right crowd.

If you’re worried about finding this “right crowd,” relax! If you’re on Facebook, there’s probably a group or two dedicated to your niche somewhere. If you’re on Twitter, now might be a good time to research tags related to your blog niche. Do the research and start reaching out to people with similar interests.

Social Media Mistake #4: Not Staying On Top of Trends

The extreme time-sensitivity of social media is, if I’m honest, my least favorite thing about social media. If you post your blog link on a writer’s lift on Twitter three days after it starts, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice you. Or if you answer a comment on your blog post too late, the original commenter may have forgotten about it by then.

While promoting your blog on social media, try to be timely. It’s annoying, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Just take a few minutes at the end of the day to check all your platforms and see if anyone mentioned you or answered a comment.

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your blog, but people’s fundamental mistake is assuming it won’t take any effort. Put in a few minutes every day, though, and you should be getting more attention in no time.