If you’re just starting a new blog, it helps to learn from the bloggers who found success. In this article we’ll look at Tieghan Gerard’s food blog, Half-Baked Harvest, and the importance of aesthetics in blogging.

A look at the Half-Baked Harvest blog and the use of aesthetics in blogging
A look at the Half-Baked Harvest blog and the use of aesthetics in blogging
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Half-Baked Harvest is the cooking blog of Tieghan Gerard, a food blogger who has published two cookbooks. Gerard has been running the blog since 2012. Half-Baked Harvest contains thousands of recipes for any occasion or cooking style.

Gerard’s biggest strength, however, is probably her dedication to aesthetic blogging. Her blog is beautiful and easy to navigate, and every recipe comes with mouthwatering images of the finished product. Half-Baked Harvest is an outstanding example of a blog that uses aesthetics to stand out and appeal to viewers.

Half-Baked Harvest and Blog Writing

Gerard’s dedication to making Half-Baked Harvest appealing really comes out in the way she writes. Her recipe posts are chatty, charming and personable. She usually has a few anecdotes in her recipe posts, which give the blog a friendly and relaxed feel.

What really stands out, though, is the way she describes food. Listening to her describe one of her meals is like watching a restaurant commercial – the kind with closeup shots of ice-cold lettuce being chopped or meat sizzling on the grill, complete with an oddly seductive voiceover. 

Half-Baked Harvest and Blog Photography

Another thing that stands out about Half-Baked Harvest is the visuals on each post. Gerard never puts a recipe on Half-Baked Harvest without at least a couple mouthwatering photos of the dish. These photos include both complete and in progress shots.

Many of her posts also include brief, straightforward videos of the recipe being made. These visuals brighten up the blog post and make the recipe seem even more enticing. Plus, they give viewers a visual guide to follow when they make the recipe.

If you’re just starting your own food blog, it may feel like enough work to just post the recipe and a few photos. However, if you want your blog to stand out, you need to go the extra mile to make your blog seem appealing, attractive, and worth reading.

That’s why the power of powerful language and impressive photos are crucial to blog creation. It adds extra goodies to a recipe and gives your blog an aesthetic edge compared to other food blogs. Stay tuned to learn more about other food blogs that made it big!