Immerse your audience in your blog. The 5 senses are the easiest and fastest ways to achieve that. Don’t focus on the words, focus on your audience.

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Audiences use their 5 senses to choose blogs. The more you appeal to their senses, the more views you’re bound to get.
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Immerse your Audience

Audiences in the digital world aren’t looking for boring blogs. They want an explosion of fun. You can achieve this with descriptive words, visual media, and bright colors. Appealing to your audience’s 5 senses will catch their attention and pull them right into your blog.


senses, audience, achieve
Appeal to your audience’s sense of sight.
Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

This is the easiest of the 5 senses to achieve. Make your blog visually pleasing. Include visual media and a layout different from your competitors. Bright colors can also do the trick.

If your audience sees your blog and gets excited about it, you’re on the right track. Visual stimulation is an important thing to achieve in the digital world.


senses, audience, achieve
Appeal to your audience’s sense of touch.
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Make your blog interactive. This is the easiest way to incorporate the sense of touch with your audience. Touch is big. People like hands-on blogs that allow them to feel involved.

Don’t just think of your audience as viewers. Think of them as collaborators. You need them. Make them feel like they need you. Give them surveys, links, or any other clickable element to achieve that sense of importance.


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Appeal to your audience’s sense of hearing.
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Audio has become a major player in the world of blogs. Podcasts, music and voice clips give your audience a chance to get involved with your content.

To find fresh audiences, try audio. Some readers don’t want to spend the time reading. Give them an alternative so you don’t lose the views.


senses, audience, achieve
Appeal to your audience’s sense of taste.
Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

You would think this would be one of the hardest senses to achieve in your blog, but you can easily do it. Think of recipes. Cooking blogs all around include recipes and food pairings.

Why can’t you?

Even if your blog doesn’t focus on cooking, you can still suggest an excellent wine to pair with your content. Or include a picture of food with words so descriptive you can taste it.


senses, audience, achieve
Appeal to your audience’s sense of smell.
Photo by Živa Trajbarič from Pexels

Smell is a hard sense to achieve digitally. This is another one where recipes for perfume or oil essence can do the trick. It gives your audience hands-on opportunities.

You can lead your audience in the right direction to achieve the sense of smell. They can do the rest at home. There’s even a rumor that ‘smell-technology’ could someday grace our screens.

You don’t have to include every sense in your blog, but get close. The 5 senses will bring your audience to your site and increase your views.

Whether it’s sight, sound, taste, touch or smell, you can achieve it. Have fun with it!

Use the senses in the most creative way you can. Your audience will thank you. They are looking for something different. Show your audience you’re not just any old blog by using the 5 senses.

You can achieve so much when you fully immerse your audience in your content.