Thinking of starting a cooking blog? Take some notes on one of the greatest cooking blog out there – Food Wishes by Chef John Mitzewich.

Starting a food blog? Here's how to blog like one of the experts.
Starting a food blog? Here’s how to blog like one of the experts.
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If you’re just starting out as a blog writer, the internet can be a confusing place. One of the best things you can do as a beginning blogger is look at successful bloggers – especially the ones in your niche.

This article will be the first in a series of cooking blogs that any beginning food blogger should check out. We’ll be starting with one of the oldest and most respected cooking blogs: Food Wishes by John Mitzewich.

Food Wishes Partners With

John Mitzewich, usually called Chef John, has been running the blog Food Wishes for more than a decade. As of April 2020, the blog has over 3 million subscribers. Most blog posts on Food Wishes have three components.

The first is the actual blog post, which contains an introduction to the recipe du jour (of the day). This usually includes an anecdote about how he found the recipe or some advice about the best time to cook it.

The second part is a link to, which contains the full recipe. Chef John has a partnership with, so his posts on the Food Wishes blog don’t contain exact recipes – just descriptions of the food.

This might be a tough balance to strike for some bloggers, but Chef John makes it work. His blog posts are full of funny anecdotes or expert advice, not to mention mouthwatering descriptions of food. They’re definitely worth reading for more than just the link to

Balance your blog content like you do your food. Too much content on one platform can lead to disaster!
Balance your blog content like you do your food. Too much content on one platform can lead to disaster!
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Food Wishes Has A YouTube Channel

The third component of most recipe posts on the Food Wishes blog is the accompanying YouTube video. While Food Wishes has hundreds of recipes for everything from pasta to desserts to drink recipes, the blog is probably best known for Chef John’s YouTube videos.

Chef John is famous on YouTube for his friendly, easy-to-follow videos, his puns, and his recognizable uptalk. His YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers. That’s even more than the Food Wishes blog itself!

Many of Chef John’s subscribers found the blog through the Food Wishes YouTube channel. If you’re just starting a food blog and you know how to use a camera, it might not hurt to set up a YouTube channel to reach out to potential readers and viewers.

Balancing Platforms

Food Wishes is an impressive example of a food blog that gained an audience by mixing different platforms. If you’re not careful, your blog might disappear into the second platform you’re using. However, Chef John does an excellent job of balancing content between his YouTube channel and cooking blog.

While his videos show him cooking the recipes, he never gives the recipe in his videos; you have to go to the blog for that. Likewise, every blog post has a link to Chef John’s AllRecipes account, which is the only place that readers can get the actual recipe. You really can’t see one without seeing the other. 

If you’re new to the food blogging scene, it might not be a bad idea to split your work across a few different platforms. YouTube and your blogging platform of choice may be a suitable place to start. Just remember to keep the two connected – always link to one platform from the other and try not to put all your content on one site.

If you’re interested in food blogging, stay tuned to learn more about the successful food bloggers we should model ourselves after. Happy blogging and happy cooking!