Who wouldn’t love to make money traveling? Welcome to the Bloggers Make Money Series! This edition is for travel bloggers. Time to make money doing what you love!

Bloggers Make Money: For Travel Bloggers.
Bloggers Make Money: For Travel Bloggers

For many bloggers, making money is a goal. For them, blogging is more than a passion, it’s a job. They work hard to make blogging what it is. Being a blogger demands dedication, constant training, and developing skills. It is many professions in one. Bloggers write, take pictures, edit, research, design graphics, among many other activities, depending on the niche.

Travel Bloggers

Blogging demands time and many hours spent on research. They spend tons of time making preparing to write their posts. Travel bloggers have extra things to do because they spend time going out and visiting the locations they wish to write about. And let’s not forget the hours spent on transportation.

These niche bloggers spend money to create what they love. They need to buy the editing and writing programs as well as other software, pay for marketing, all to get their blogs out to their readers. But travel bloggers also need the proper equipment to document their activities, a quality laptop computer, cameras, and another useful tech. People will spend money on making their workplaces more ergonomic because sitting for several hours at a computer is not comfortable.

Cost is the main reason only a few people conquer the travel blogging world, even if writing about traveling is their dream.

Expenses are why making money as a travel blogger is a legitimate need! Cost is the main reason only a few people conquer the travel blogging world, even if writing about traveling is their dream. For that reason, the Bloggers Make Money Series is here to offer advice about ways to get income blogging. So, here are some ways you can make money as a travel blogger.

Travel Bloggers Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Making money as a travel blogger is a fair need.
Making money as a travel blogger is a fair need

An easy way to explain how to make money as a blogger is to think about a win-win trade. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy based on such a relationship. You create a partnership between yourself and an enterprise then write informed, creative content about their product.

In that way, a travel blogger has many options. Either they are making money for promoting the businesses in the content or traveling for free as an exchange for promoting the companies through the experience. Another option is getting commissions for advisements on the blog.

Affiliate marketing is an option that offers travel bloggers the possibility to earn commissions. You can provide services for different amounts or percentages of commissions that can depend on the sale or even on your blog’s traffic. What travel bloggers have to do is share links with their followers to the services or products they used, such as lodgings or tour services.

Travel Bloggers Make Money with Contextual Advertising

There are many ways to make money as a Travel Blogger
There are many ways to make money as a travel blogger

Advertising is a crucial way to make money for bloggers. But for travel bloggers, contextual advertising might be a better option. Advertisements are all those promotions that appear on the websites we visit. But contextual advertising is a focused option for ads. That means they are based on the content shared on the blog.

For travel bloggers, contextual advertising is a great option to make money because it is about the blog’s niche. The promotions that appear on your blog will be relevant to the people who visit your site. And through advertising services, the blogger is going to earn money based on the clicks and views of the content.

There are many ways to use contextual advertising as a blogger. The key is to know that contextual advertising is entirely related to the blog’s followers or audience. One of the most common ways is through sponsored posts, which are reviews of services or products mentioning the company that offers them. That is how a company of tour services, for example, can pay you to review what they offer.

The success of these options will depend on you directly. Every blogger needs to build a community of readers and followers. And depending on how big your community is and how valuable and attractive your content is, the more you’ll be able to apply these options to make money.