When starting a new blog, one of the most important things a blogger needs to learn is how to make their blog appealing and accessible to viewers. Here are a few tricks you can use to make your blog more welcoming.

Some quick tips to help you format your new blog.
Some quick tips to help you format your new blog.
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Get the Right Website Template for Your Blog

Once you get a template, you can write posts or insert images into your blog without having to worry about how you’ll format your new blog. It’s important to choose a template that compliments your blog’s content.

Do you write lots of long blog posts? Maybe choose a blog format that will present viewers with only one blog post per page, instead of making them scroll through a long post to get to the next one.

Is your blog mostly visuals? Maybe choose a template that favors visuals over texts and allows you to prominently display your favorite posts.Most blogging platforms will provide at least a few free template options for beginners.

Include Visuals and Captions in Your Blog Format

Include Visuals and Captions in Your Blog Format.
Include Visuals and Captions in Your Blog Format.
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Maybe you’re the type of blogger who enjoys writing lengthy, thoughtful blog posts. This isn’t always a bad thing. But, regardless of your usual style, it’s always important to include visuals.Try to include at least one clear and relevant image per blog post. If you’re writing an especially long post, it may help to break up the text by putting in some images at appropriate intervals. 

Make Sure Your Blog Posts Are Clear and Legible

Try to avoid small texts or low-contrast colors in your posts. Your blog will seem more inviting and accessible if you write your posts in large, legible fonts. Spacing is also important; it may help to double-space your text posts. Nobody likes to read a mass of cramped words.

Finally, long text posts can be broken up using short paragraphs and a couple well-placed, bold headings. Splitting up a long post into smaller pieces gives the eyes a rest and makes the overall post seem more attractive. 

Link to Your Own Blog in Your Posts

Link to Your Own Blog in Your Posts
Link to Your Own Blog in Your Posts.
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You should always link to your own blog. Putting links in your blog posts will help improve search engine optimization for your blog. This can also be a way to help audience members navigate your blog and find posts they’ll be interested in. 

If you’ve written a series of posts on the same topic, make sure your previous posts are accessible from each new post. It may help to mark these links at the bottom of each new post. 

Setting up a new blog isn’t always easy. Especially for beginners. Neither is convincing people to read it. Put the effort into making your blog a welcoming place, and the second part may become a lot easier.