Blogging isn’t as easy as it looks. As a new blogger, you need to be cautious with your decisions. Here are a few common mistakes that you need to watch out for as a new blogger.

new blog mistakes
Avoid these simple mistakes when you first start blogging.
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Try to stay on schedule

Keeping a regular schedule is an excellent way to promote readership. Try to publish a new post on your blog every day or every week. This will show you’re dedicated to your blog and your viewers. 

Predictability is important. If someone who enjoys one of your blog posts knows when they can expect a new one, you might win over a regular audience member.

Finally, if you’re the kind of person who has difficulty with deadlines, regular posting may help to turn blogging into a habit. This can make it much easier to get new blog posts up on time.

Starting a new schedule may be difficult, but it will get easier with time as you work on your blog. Keeping deadlines, like everything else, is a skill.

It comes naturally to some, but anyone can pick it up with practice.

Don’t stray off topic while blogging

new blog mistakes
Always stay on-topic with your blog.
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This is one of the bigger mistakes you might make while starting a new blog. You may have a lot of interests you’d like to share with your audience.

However, if you’re planning on monetizing your blog, it’s good counsel to find one topic you like and focus on that.

That doesn’t mean that you can only post recipes and nothing else on your cooking blog. Bringing in your personal life from time to time may give your blog a friendlier and more personal feel.

But if you’re constantly going on tangents about new topics or posting about whatever you’re thinking about on a whim, readers won’t know what to expect from your blog. It’s best to pick a niche for your blog and stick to it.

Don’t wait to start your email list

If you’re new to blogging, you may think you can wait until your audience is larger to make an email list. However, an email list can be vital for new bloggers to get off the ground.

It allows you to promote a regular audience by letting you get in touch with people who read your blog often. 

In addition, a new blog might struggle with SEO, but having a mailing list will allow you to get noticed without being at the mercy of Google. Your readers may not see you on the first page of Google, but they’ll probably see you in their inbox. 

If you’re worried about the expense of finding an email list provider, don’t worry – Mailchimp is easy to use, and it’s free for your first 2000 subscribers. 

Don’t slack off on presentation

new blog mistakes
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If you’re a perfectionist like me, and you spend a lot of your writing process looking for mistakes, then getting new posts up on your blog might be difficult for you.

But don’t stick to the bare minimum!

It’s not always enough to send the post out after checking for mistakes. Making your blog stand out is as much a part of keeping a blog as writing is.

Remember to add pictures, captions and tags to make your blog more colorful and appealing. 

Have fun with it! If your blog is a colorful and interesting space, you’ll have an easier time catching people’s eyes.

Perfect is the enemy of good

It’s admirable to want your writing to be the best it can be. But if you feel the need to make every new post perfect, you might have trouble posting regularly.

If you’re paranoid about mistakes, you might end up afraid to take risks or try new things on your blog.

You shouldn’t publish anything with glaring mistakes or put your first draft on your blog as soon as possible. At the same time, it’s also important to remember that your readers aren’t coming to your blog for perfect writing.

They’re here to see what you have to say.