Blogging is a great way to share your writing with the world, but not all writers can get used to the social aspect of it. Here are some tips for conquering your inner wallflower on the internet.

How to put yourself - and your writing - out there on the internet
How to put yourself – and your writing – out there on the internet
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These days, blogging is one of the best hobbies for people who love writing. You can write about whatever you want, make your own hours, and anyone on the internet can read your incredible work. The downside of blog writing is the social aspect.

You put all your work on a blog where anybody can see it, including your family, friends, and the people who went to your high school. Worse, you’ve got to use social media to promote yourself – it’s purgatory for social anxiety. If you’re trying to navigate the social aspect of blog writing, here’s some advice.

Use a Pseudonym for Your Blog

If you want to share your writing with the world, but don’t want the people in your real life to know, you could use the oldest the trick in the book – the pseudonym. There’s a theory that being online and being anonymous reduces our inhibitions. Sometimes this leads to people being jerks on social media, but it can also reduce your anxiety about sharing your writing.

One of the nice things about writing on the internet is that it’s really easy to find a pseudonym. The people who read your blog won’t necessarily expect you to come out with your real, full name, so there’s not much deception involved. Or you could stay completely anonymous if that’s what works for you.

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Social anxiety doesn’t have to stop you from sharing your blog!
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Look up Similar Blogs and See What They’re Writing About

I’m not saying you should copy a blog you admire. But, if sharing your writing on the internet brings you a lot of anxiety, it can help to read other blogs and see what they’re doing. It can help to see how another blog is becoming successful, especially if you’re scared that won’t happen for you.

Finding out that other people are also writing about your niche can be reassuring, especially if your primary concern is that nobody will want to read what’s on your blog. There’s a place on the internet for your blog niche – which brings me to my next point.

Remember That the Internet Has a Place for Everything

If it feels weird that you’re creating a blog to only talk to about a particular topic, this can hinder your writing. It’s not easy to write when you’re always wondering why you’re even bothering. Or “who’s even reading this blog post anyway?”

Relax. Right now, people on Instagram are getting paid to take pictures of themselves. Your relatives are getting angry on Facebook over something that is objectively false. Your blog is not the worst or the weirdest thing that people will see on the internet today.

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The internet is useful at connecting people – use that to your advantage!
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Look for Your Blog Niche on Social Media

I’ve said before that the internet has a place for pretty much everything. This includes your blog niche, no matter what it is. If you’re got anxiety about social media, one of the first things you should do is look up your blog niche. You’ll probably find at least a few groups devoted to your blog niche on social media.

Looking for social media groups will help you find an audience for your writing and blog; it’ll be a reminder you’re not alone. Your writing is worth reading, and your blog will find an audience eventually – you just have to look for the people who share your blog interests.

Sharing your writing is a nerve-wracking experience. Sharing your blog can be even worse, and some new blog writers may have anxiety about people seeing their posts. Try keeping these steps in mind if you’ve got anxiety about the social half of writing for a blog.