The color green evokes a large spectrum of feeling. From nature to money, blogs everywhere can enjoy and benefit from this color. See why your next article should be a little green.

A park bench sits in front of a lush green wall of plants.
The color green has many benefits for blogs.
Photo by Hal Ozart on Unsplash

Going Green

It’s no secret green has become the color of eco-friendly movements. With its ties to nature and health, people have flocked to green. It symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness. Eco-friendly organizations across the world have seen the benefits of using green and adapted it into their marketing plans.

Animal Planet. Whole Foods. Tropicana. When you think of these companies, you think green. They have successfully worked the color into their logo and marketing plans. The benefits of this color work in their favor, especially during ‘going green’ movements.

Symbolism of Green

When viewers see green, they’ll assume you’re blogging about health, nature, or money. Use that to your advantage! If you have an article coming out about the benefits of hiking, what better color to use than green? It will further convey the meaning of your article.

There are many feelings tied to the color green. You can use this color to make your readers feel all kinds of emotions. It’s a beneficial color to convey feeling and comfort. Here are some additional feelings tied to the color green:

  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Endurance
  • Truth

  • Money
  • Healing
  • Loyalty
  • Tranquility

For more information on what the color green represents, visit Color Psychology.

A forest landscape with green trees peaking out from a light fog.
The color green benefits articles just by conveying certain feelings to your viewers.
Image by My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: from Pixabay

Attraction to Green

Would you rather stay inside all day, or walk through lush green valleys? According to the University of Washington, being within a green space helps restore the mind’s ability to focus. This can improve work performance and help ease stress and illness. Those benefits could attract more blog viewers, which helps build your page views.

As Kaplan works at her computer or chats on the phone, she can now gaze out at trees and watch the birds and squirrels as they leap from branch to branch. The effect these sights have had on her outlook only confirms what she and husband Stephen Kaplan, PhD, have found over decades of research: Green is good for you. – American Psychological Association

Leaving behind all the statistics about this color, think of what you want your viewers to feel when they visit your blog. Were any of those feelings mentioned throughout this article? If so, consider adding the color green to your blog. You want the experience of your blog to benefit and comfort your viewers – what better way to do that than with the color green?